Try Out Travella’s Eva Capsule Shaped Umbrella

Pick up the new lightweight Eva Capsule Shaped Umbrella

Now added to this Travella collection – a lightweight umbrella that’s designed for the modern traveller. It weighs 7.05oz, with a vinyl coating, and is both water resistant and sun proof. This easy to store umbrella contains drips after use and keeps everything around it dry. Nano Coated for UV Protection, the Eva Capsule Shaped Travel Umbrella comes equipped with a zippered case.

Here’s a list of some of the fantastic features you can look forward to:

Stay protected – this sturdy and stylish umbrella is waterproof, windproof and even sunproof.  

Compact & Portable – earning its title as the perfect travel companion, this umbrella is lightweight, foldable and fits easily into handbags, briefcases and backpacks.

Easy-to-Open Design –  the foldable umbrella is operated with a single button at the base of the straight handle.

Durable & Quick Drying – made from premium quality material, the Eva Umbrella is water resistant and nano coated, for long lasting protection from harmful UV rays and harsh weather.

Stay-Dry Waterproof Travel Case – Gone are the days of dripping umbrellas. This umbrella can be tucked easily into its water resistant, zippered case, keeping the contents of your bag safe and dry.

The most innovative way to stay covered, this compact, lightweight Travella Umbrella with Zippered Case is sturdy, compact, and made to withstand the elements. Accompanied by a durable, water resistant EVA zippered storage capsule, this is the perfect travel accessory - you’ll never have to worry about getting wet again.      

The Travella Umbrella with a Zippered Case is available in a variety of colours, including Red, Blue and Black.


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