5 places you have to travel in before you die

     Nowadays, traveling and escaping the bustle and hustle of cities have come in vogue amongst myriad of people specially those who want to boost the life satisfaction by experiencing more than a usual life, getting away from it all and keeping humility. According to principle role of travelling in life satisfaction, the number of tourism attraction is on increase frequently. In spite of the fact that there are horde of tourist resorts around the word, there are some countries being known as the most-visited places. These unique and Magical spots are worth traveling before you die:
Traveling by Turkey Tour to visit Pamukkale is one of the most recommended destinations where tourists are able to experience bathing in one of the remarkable and magical natural tubes.  
Phuket, Thailand
There are a lot to do and visit in Thailand. Thailand is alone an enough reason to travel in. however Phuket is a city that is taken as a must while travelling to Thailand. By travelling to Thailand tour, passengers will see the most beautiful beaches and outstanding boat excursions. Thailand Tour is the best choice for all passenger
Who have predilection for historical places, visit Big Buddha and Wat Chalong temple.
Who are crazy about parties and water sports, do not miss Kata Noi Beach and Freedom Beach.
Who are animal lover, visit Soi Dog Foundation.  
China as the top 10th tourist country is known as the most populated country and the country of rich history. Tourist annually travel by China Tour for the sake of visiting festivals and enjoying unique interesting attractions.  During the travel to China visit the most-visited places as Mount Emei Scenic Area where Leshan Giant Buddha are located, Restaurant near Sanyou Cave above the Chang Jiang River, Hubei and The Great Wall of China. There are the most well-known places worth watching more than once.
Bali, Indonesia
If you are looking for a destination looking like a paradise, Bali is the place you are looking for. In fact, Bali Tour is a golden opportunity to visit Indonesian paradise, the most beautiful sandy beaches and dream views. Apart from these, do not miss Waterbom Bali, Mayong Village and Tirta Gangga to have an amazing experience hard to forgetting.
India Tour is another Travel package that everyone must try before die. Taj Mahal being located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India is one of the word’s wonders that is listed in Unesco world heritage. Do not miss Taj Mahal, it is a breathtaking historical mausoleum. 
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