A Adams: Professional Driving Instructors Progress Reports

                      This product will quickly help the Professional Driving Instructor record student improvements.

The progress forms have been developed to assist the instructor record the student’s improvements and for the student to recognise how far they have come to the day they will drive independently. The book has a unique way of grading student improvements.

Grading system
The theme of progress “grades” range from One to Nine. One being the introduction of topic/lesson phase; and Nine being the independent driving ability. Students, as is expected, will have different “grades” at different skills. The aim is to have constant nines in all the “skills”. The guide of “grades” can be seen at the end of the book. 

Record of training routes/area
The instructor can record the area where training took place by placing an area code. The area codes need to be defined in the box at the end of the book. This will give “variety” to the student, keep their attention and motivate them.

The Professional Manner of Delivering Driving Lessons
The student will appreciate the efforts of the untiring instructor while the instructor projects a professional image. The student is reassured and can visualize their strengths and areas that need improving. Watch your students trying to impress you! They just can't wait for this recording at the end of the lesson! This recording is perceived as Value for Money by many students.

The student details are also recorded as are the dates for the theory and practical tests. This recording and monitoring is complete and unmatched.

and much more...

A "Must Have" for every serious professional instructor.

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