Lazy Lizard Costa Rica Offers Cruising and Sailing Tours in Costa Rica

Lazy Lizard Costa Rica Offers Cruising and Sailing Tours in Costa Rica

Lady Lizard Costa Rica is a sailing and cruising tours company situated near the favorite destinations of  Conchal Beach, Tamarindo Beach and Flamingo Beach in the lovely Guanacaste Province. They love what they do, and they have over 15 years of experience in offering unique, fun and safe ocean trips for their guests. Their crew works cooperatively to accommodate their clients every need, from the instant they greet them at the marina to when they set them in one piece ashore at the end of their journey. They have an exceptional vision for their sailing: they aim to not only display to their guests the interesting sites of Costa Rica's Pacific shoreline but also to encourage friendly relations with their team members to all of their guests.

On what guests should bring and hotel transportation, one of the company's crew members said, "Guests should ensure that they carry hats, lots of sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuits, and smiles. We offer life vests, snorkeling gear, and floatation aids. We have a free shuttle that runs from Tamarindo to Flamingo. However, this service is not available in other areas, but we can make provisions for larger groups. To do so, you can kindly contact us for further clarification.”

Those looking for the best Flamingo boat tours need not worry as Lady Lizard Costa Rica has made this possible. Their tour starts at 8:30 am, and they set sail heading north along the coast. While sailing guests get the opportunity of enjoying the variety of marine life, the jungle sites of the shore line and the birds circling in the air. Further heading into the sea, they have a secluded inlet where they anchor so that their guests can engage in snorkeling, swimming or kayaking. Lady Lizard Costa Rica offers high-quality floatation aids and life vests for those want extra support while in water. When the sail is done, they provide a delicious picnic style lunch for their guests back at the cataraman.

On whether guests will get seasick during the sails, the same crew member said, “We utilize a custom made catamaran that offers a suave, unwavering sailing experience.  As a result, few guests have reported being seasick on our trips. We ensure that our boats don’t roll around like single hulled boats normally do. Our non-rolling catamaran is particularly enjoyable while we are at anchor in a cove, where our guests relax or engage in fun activities.”

Those in search of Tamarindo snorkeling trip will be glad to know that Lady Lizard Costa Rica offers a blend of stunning views, relaxation, comfort, excitement and fun that is often memorable to all their guests in during such trips. Just like their boat tours, they set sail and head north along the coast, and when they are in the deep seas, they have a secluded inlet where they anchor. At this place, guests will have a guided snorkeling tour and view a captivating diversity of marine life. Once the sail is done, they set sail back to the shore. At this time guests can have their snaps taken as they enjoy the views of the sea and the coast.

About Lady Lizard Costa Rica
It is a sailing company that offers the best cataraman tour in Costa Rica. They are knowledgeable on matters sailing, and their main aim is to give their guests amazing sailing experience when they are in Costa Rica.

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