Vacation Rentals Growing in Popularity Among Florida Travelers Looking for Increased Value and Amenities

Vacation Rentals Growing in Popularity Among Florida Travelers Looking for Increased Value and Amenities

Vacation rental homes and condos are becoming more attractive to consumers looking for greater value from their travel dollar, according to HomeEscape – the world’s fastest growing vacation home rental website.

According to a growing body of statistics, Florida vacation rentals are significantly more affordable and attractive to guests than hotel rooms, offering travelers far more room to relax with their families than a traditional hotel room.

Florida travelers, especially those venturing to popular destinations, can find affordable Panama City Beach vacation rentals, Cape Coral vacation rentalsKissimmee vacation home rentals, Sanibel Island vacation rentals, Orlando vacation rentals, and more. HomeEscape users can benefit from the budget-friendly amenities of a vacation home rental over a cramped and expensive hotel room.

Homeowners are increasingly going out of their way to turn their vacation rental home into more than just a place to sleep, but a full-service destination experience that rivals’ hotels.

“We are witnessing a sea change in how the vacation rental industry is viewed. With more and more vacation rentals becoming available, owners are creating more value by delivering on service and quality than ever before,” remarked Avi Vaknin, CEO and president of HomeEscape.

Over 64% of travelers surveyed say they rent vacation rentals so they can cook their own meals. Owners that address that need, will enjoy greater property bookings. For owners that do not have a full kitchen, a kitchenette will often suffice. This way, owners can benefit from interest among vacation rental travelers without the expense of a full kitchen remodel.

Another important amenity that travelers look for is Wi-Fi. Most people are accustomed to being able to readily access email, use video and online chat tools to stay in touch with our loved ones, and update our social media accounts – and not being able to do so can make an otherwise enjoyable vacation stressful – which is why vacation rentals that prioritize Wi-Fi connectivity receive more bookings than those that do not.

For owners that really want to differentiate their property, having these amenities at a property can significantly increase the reservation rate:

1. Hot Tub

The addition of a hot tub turns any rental into a romantic getaway. Hot Tubs are a great feature for any property, allowing you to increase rents and add a touch of luxury that travelers have been shown to appreciate time and time again.

Investing in a hot tub is much more possible for most properties than a full-size pool, and it can often be placed on a back porch or in a small backyard. Heating costs may increase in the winter.

2. Porch or Balcony

Adding the ability to step outside and enjoy the fresh air while still being a part of a house is a huge advantage for owners looking for reservations.

“Consult with an architect to determine whether an architectural add-on is possible for your property,” said Vaknin. “You may find that it is relatively easy to replace windows in your master bedroom with doors leading to balcony – a win for you and a win for guests.”

About HomeEscape: HomeEscape connects homeowners and property managers with travelers who seek the space, value and amenities of vacation rental homes as an alternative to hotels. With detailed property descriptions, photos and list of amenities and nearby attractions, HomeEscape makes it easy to find and compare properties all over the world.

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