Thailand travel tips, How to Travel to Thailand on Budget

Having a holiday in Thailand and travelling to its famous cities have come in vogue amongst tourists around the word for the sake of its outstanding beauties. Thailand is located in content of Asia and it is replete with diverse recreations and unique landscapes. Besides, travelling to this beautiful country is affordable and by taking some points, the cost of traveling by Thailand tours can be reduced even lesser fitting the budget of travelers. It is why Thailand, this land of smile, has turn into the place of interest for many people with no limitation age wise. 
Moreover, Thailand is the country of most attractive and breathtaking cities, such as Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and Ko Samui. There are the most-visited destinations for those having predilection for monuments, ancient temples, pure natural sceneries, picturesque beaches as well as various water sports. 
By taking 5 respects into meticulously consideration you would have much cheaper travel to Thailand:
1-Travelling to Thailand by Thailand tour is reasonably priced because they offer you the best hotel fitting your budget and pave the way for you not to pay extra money for unneeded stuffs, so travel by Thailand Tour.
2- If you fancy one day tours as, Bangkok tour, Phuket Tour, pattaya tour or others, do not trust those offering tours in the streets, at the first they seem much cheaper than booking such these tours from travel agencies, but it harms more than good. Especially if you travel by family and children, make sure that you have booked one from Thai tourism agencies.
3- Change the money in advanced. Converting currency in air ports of Thailand is not a good idea if you want to manage your travel cost. Convert the money in your home country.
4- Shopping is one of the amazing experiences hard turning to blind eye during traveling in Thailand. There are some brands and shopping centers following tax-free rule. Purchasing in such these shops are much economical, you are able to buy clothes or… without paying the tax incase that you show your passport. 
5- Prior to taking taxi, tell about the destination to taxi drivers and get sure that it gets clearly the place you want to go. Thai taxi drivers are weak in English language, it is why you have to simply and directly mention your destination to taxi drivers otherwise you have to pay extra money or you will get to another place. In addition, be sure that taximeter is on when hiring the taxi. However, to enjoy a lot, take the most advantages of your travelling and go over the city in less price, it is much better to use boats instead of taxis.
6- The great flavor and delicious taste of Thai dishes are one of those being unforgettable, so enjoy the Thai foods, but remember this fact that, eating dishes in so-called international restaurants costs an arm and leg. Eating Thai dishes in Street food stands is much cheaper and you can enjoy the same great flavor and the same tasty foods with high quality in cheaper price.
At last but not least, prior to taking trip by Thailand tour, take out a complete list of Thailand points of interest to set your itinerary correctly according to your interest not to lose time in this amazing country.
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