Things to Keep in Mind for an Unplanned Trip

Tips for A Safe and Healthy Travelling

Whether you go on board for a two-week adventure to the Caribbean on a holiday trip or moving to Europe for a year to study abroad, traveling in another country can be an exciting experience. When you go to any trips, you’ve probably planned those trips ahead of time. However, there may be times that are out of your control and you’re needed to get on board straight away. In other words, you’re going on a trip with minimal preparations.

Yes, things like these happen. Now, if you wanted to still get on with a remarkable travel experience while you’re faced with difficult scenarios, this list is for you. While others say that unplanned trips are even more adventurous and ultimate joyous activity, it’s very important for any travelers to keep this list. So here are the things you need to keep in mind while traveling abroad for an unplanned trip.

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Get Vaccinated

Whether it’s required or not to get into a certain country, you should make an effort to get all suggested vaccinations. Before I moved to China, I made sure to visit a travel doctor so that he could help me understand the risks and dangers and what I could do about them. I made sure to get a Polio vaccine as well as a Typhoid shot and all updates on my Hepatitis shots. I got a stock of anti-malarial pills just in case I traveled to any additional countries on that side of the world that may have been at risk. While the Japanese Encephalitis and Rabies vaccine were recommended, they were much too expensive for me at the time. However, after figuring out that the prices were drastically lower once I arrived in China, I made sure to get vaccinated for them both there. Getting sick while traveling just isn’t worth it so if you can take any preventative measures, do it!

Use Protection

OK, travelers meet other travelers and while finding romance on the road is ideal for many, it can lead to disaster for some. Upon all of the hostel hookups I have witnessed and the hoards of girlfriends who have told me about love found on the road, it seems apparent to me that safe sex needs to be addressed. Keep yourself protected from STDs while meeting new people on the road and if you happen to be a traveler that already has one, make sure to let others know or use online resources to find other travelers struggling with the same thing.

Don’t Forget to Exercise

It may seem simple but when people are traveling, it’s easy to forget that the body needs a bit of exercise every day. Don’t get caught up in sightseeing, drinking and sitting around interesting cafes for the entire length of your journey. Take some time every morning to go on a walk or a run around the city or town that you are visiting. Setting aside five or ten minutes to stretch every day is helpful as well. Once while visiting Japan, I witnessed a girl in my hostel wake up and do a series of exercises right from her bed. If she could do it, so can you.

Drink Water & Eat Properly

It’s easy to forget to drink water and eat healthy foods while you are traveling. There are so many enticing restaurants and plenty of opportunities for alcohol. Have fun and enjoy the culinary creations available but don’t forget to take one or two meals out of the day and make sure they are balanced and full of fruits and vegetables. Bring a reusable water bottle in your backpack to help you remember to keep hydrated and buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market or grocery store to eat throughout the day.”

Aside from the mention above, here are the additional tips on how you can plan and keep safe while travelling.

Do your research

When you’re about to take a trip without any plans put in place, it’s always best to take advantage of the littlest time given to you to do your research and still come up with an objective. In this way, you’ll have an idea of how much time, energy and money you’re going to need.

Extra pocket money

Although traveling does not always require a lot of money, going through an unplanned travel could squeeze out more from your pocket. Let’s say you’ve already made all the reservations for your hotel stay, flight, and other transportation, yet you’re going to need extra especially for an unplanned trip. But that’s alright, you’re going to get a spectacular experience in return so it’s definitely worth it!

Keep your family and friends updated

Don’t forget that you’re on an unplanned trip so you should stay in touch with your family and friends. Keep them updated by simply going online or updating your status on social media. You can definitely share photos from your trip, too! Always use the check-in options from your social media accounts so at least anyone on your social network see where you’re at.

Stay safe and healthy

Your unplanned travel is expected to be more demanding that your other trips. But there are easy ways you can do to stay in shape. On a regular basis, you should drink water and eat properly, and don’t forget to exercise. Also keep yourself protected from STDs while meeting new people on the road and if you happen to be a traveler that already has one, make sure to let others know or use online resources to find other travelers struggling with the same thing.So there’s your list. Make sure to keep these things in mind or better include this list on your next trip to have a more enjoyable trip or unplanned trip!

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