Barack Nari and Congo Discovery Safaris announces, an African vacation you will never forget.

It is still unknown just how many gorillas roam the forests of the Congo and will continue to be unrecognized for some time.  Regardless, it is a remarkable animal that can certainly make any trip to the area well worth it. Long time businessman and guide offer a rare look into the highly popular and rather rare mountain gorilla.  The number of gorillas as a whole in the Congo seems to vary from one source to the next, but there are reports of over 125,000 lowland gorillas in the area.  As for mountain gorillas, it is estimated that there are no more than 380.

The favorite location for mountain gorillas is a cloudy, foggy and cold environment deep into the forests.  This is precisely what makes them so rare and difficult to find.  But with the help of, you will have no problem tracking them down.

The great thing about gorillas is that they live in groups.  As a tourist, this makes it much easier to land on a large group in the Congo.  An ideal group consists of one or two adult males, several young males, adult females and infants.  As expected, the silverback, or adult male, is the head of the group and protects the group from outside dangers. 

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