Bali, the paradise on the Earth

 Bali, the paradise on the Earth  Bali, the paradise on the Earth

Bali was one of the best travel destinations we could choose for our new year vacation which is celebrated in many countries such as Iran when spring starts.

Bali tour

Bali is the paradise on the planet earth. This island is known as one of the ten must see islands in life, by trip advisor site.


Seeing this beautiful island is worth the 15-hour flight from Iran and linger on the airports.
We hadn’t traveled this far before, but it was totally worth it.
Bali is known as God’s island.

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The nature of Bali is wonderful, like all tropical places.
The temperature is always the same and they have two seasons: dry and rainy.
Bali is divided into three regions.
Nusa dua: Quiet area and full of peace.
Kuta: Crowded beach with a lot of coastal recreations.
Many tourists go there for surfing and other water sports.
Ubud: Center of art and culture.
Beautiful handmade things can be found everywhere in Bali. In many homes in Bali, family members are working together to make wooden crafts and some of the houses in Bali look like art galleries.
We enjoyed visiting two of these galleries.

During the visit of Ubud, we went to a farm where the most expensive and a rare type of coffee in the world is produced.

This coffee is produced by an animal that looks like a cat.

of course, I didn’t taste it very good!

Elephant riding, is also a wonderful experience on Bali.

In the largest elephant’s park in Asia, we learned so much about the life of elephants.
Despite their appearance, I realized how emotional and lovely these enormous creatures are.

Safari and marine park and seeing wild animals in their habitat , was an interesting experience ,too.

Temples were seen all over the island.

Each house has a temple for saying the daily prayers.


One of the temples we visited , was incredibly great with a fascinating atmosphere, especially during the sunset. It is named Tanah lot. 


We experienced a strong earthquake there.
Fortunately, the kids were asleep when the earthquake happened and they were not afraid. Although before going to travel, I had read that it is an earthquake-prone area, but suddenly I remembered the tsunami in 2004 in the Sumatra of Indonesia, where many tourists drowned.


If you’re looking for adventure, rafting is good choice in Bali.
“Bali adventure” is the best organizer for 9 kilometers of rafting in the middle of the rain forests.
Our skilled guide, made an amazing memory of this three-hour trip on the river.

For climbing 300 stairs in the middle of the forest to reach the river and rowing and keeping balance in the passing waterfalls, you need to be physically healthy.


Other exciting sea games in Bali are jet ski, banana boot, fly fish, water skiing and canoeing. Also you can enjoy bungee jumping.
“sacred monkey forest” is interesting specially for children.
There are beautiful trees and flowers.
Naughty monkeys are not scared of taking bananas from you. They even get your sunglasses and water bottles. Then be careful. 

Indonesian island

The volcano “kintamani” is one of the places that you’ll be amazed to see.

Beautiful rice terraces in Ubud in Bali is famous in the world. Don’t miss the chance of visiting these beautiful farms on a trip to Bali.

trip to Bali

About the food in Bali, I must say Balinese see food is delicious and don’t forget eating the tropical fruits on a trip to Bali.

I hope you will experience many happy trips in  bali tour.

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