TravelGenixx Safety Travel Money Belt Now Available for Dark-Skinned Travellers

TravelGenixx Safety Travel Money Belt Now Available for Dark-Skinned Travellers

Jen Baker

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San Diego, CA - {04, May 2017} For globetrotters, TravelGenixx, the pioneers of popular travel gadgets and safety essentials on Amazon has just launched the new Travel Money Belt in Brown for dark-skinned travellers. This is a new addition to the popular beige-colored money belt for light-skinned travelers. This is a super secure travel money belt that remains unnoticeable from thieves or picks-pockets.  It works on the principal of wearing it under you shirt and against your skin.

This Travel Money Belt gives constant travelers peace of mind. They can enjoy their trip rather than worry about theft. It has deluxe fabric for all-weather trips and soft mesh backing to remain comfortable against one’s skin. The adjustable strap allows one to wear it cross-body, over the shoulder or around ones waist. Jen Baker, co-founder of TravelGenixx, said: “When traveling, I want everything in one place and within easy reach especially important documents like passport, boarding passes as well as cash and credit cards.  I live by easy stress-free traveling. And this money belt bag is perfect.” That’s the reason why this travel essential is designed to be large enough to store cash, credit cards, I.D., important documents, new smartphones and other travel accessories. It has generous zippered pockets to keep valuables hidden rather than bulge through clothing and with sturdy clasp that won't come undone.

There’s more, this Travel Money Belt is unisex - perfect for men and women. And it’s not just for travel.  Many people find it helps for sporting events, music festivals and street fairs. It can be used as a Runner Waist Pack, slim Fanny Pack, Belt Wallet for biking or cycling and Waist Pack for hiking.  Cedric, co-founder of TravelGenixx, states: “I have personally used this travel money belt for long hikes and short runs because it’s way more secure than most running belts and does not add bulk like a fanny pack. And not only that, it’s so comfortable against my skin.”  In fact it is so secure and it won’t even come off during carnival rides or while mountain biking. Rest assured that it does not buckle or move around one's waist either.

And the key feature of this Travel Money Belt are RFID inner lining for safety from ID scanning and Rip-stop high-quality fabric that is lightweight, comfortable and water-resistant. Another added feature to this premium Amazon Travel safety essential is it is constructed from durable 210D Rip stop Nylon and a breathable, moisture-wicking back which eliminates uncomfortable moisture from heat. The Money Belts have generous elasticized waistbands adjusted to fit Men and Women.

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TravelGenixx is an international brand dedicated to bringing the best travel accessories to travelers world-wide and committed to their loyal customers. It is a one-stop-shop for all travel safety essentials that makes travel stress-free, enjoyable and super practical. Founders, Jen and Ced, are avid travelers who met at an entrepreneurial conference. Even though they come from opposite end of the planets, they realised their common passion for travel products that are practical, durable and excellent in quality.  Their travel product range keeps growing and they have manufacturers both in the USA and abroad. Their designs are smart and urban giving them an edge over most travel products. Learn more here

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