Lizard Tours is a Remarkable Adventure Tour Agency in Costa Rica

Lizard Tours is a Remarkable Adventure Tour Agency in Costa Rica

Lizard Tours is a tour agency located in Playa Potrero, Santa Cruz Guanacaste that was formed to show people the beautiful sceneries and places in Costa Rica. They provide travelers with high-quality fuel injected, new models, and ATVs for comfort and safety. Besides, they operate with only small groups who do semi-private tour hence giving the customers the option to change or choose routes for further personalized attention.

Speaking in a conference meeting, their Senior Management Director explained, "Hiking within the Barra Honda National Park directs us to an intricately extensive operation of limestone caverns that houses a number of capricious figures and forms. Reef rocks make Barra Honda Hill of 300mts tall, meaning old reefs that sink are caused by an altitude provoked by tectonics faults 60 millions of years ago. Individuals are geared up by special rock climbing equipment to enjoy and explore the caves and see the fauna and flora of this place. The hike takes approximately one hour. We have the best zip line in Costa Rica.”

The Tenorio River, with its rapids class IV and III, tests the courage of individuals.  There are twists, drops, and turns of 10 miles hence the participants should be in good physical condition. Its unsurpassed beauty, stunning wildlife, and the pure magic trip scenery take peoples' breath away. Apart from Tenorio River, there is Buena Vista which is located near Rincon de la Vieja National Park.  There, trails built up on top of trees, about 105 feet high. A small hike leads to the first platform followed by other 12 platforms, which are connected by nine cables of between 150 and 400 feet long. There’s a long water slide followed by horseback ride to the thermal waters. Cool off on the 1500 feet, natural spa, and steam baths located in Rincon de la Vieja Volcano slopes.

The Senior Management Director added, "Our ATV tour is a definite way of reaching the most beautiful hidden roads, sceneries, ocean views, and landscapes in the Flamingo area. This adventure to Costa Rica is special to see wildlife and nature in their ecosystem. Besides, people explore beaches, dry and rain forest, rivers, and take their adrenaline driving and pumping through the mountain. They also enjoy the beautiful view while on top of trees in an unforgettable zip line. If you are looking for ATV Rental in Costa Rica, engage us and enjoy our competitive prices.”

When nature invites people to be part of it, people get the best out of it. This is evident in Vandará Hot Springs & Adventures which was born at the end of the Tizate River cradled by the infinite song of its course that harmonizes with the magic sounds of amphibians, insects, mammals, and birds.  Lizard Tours clients can enjoy different choices of activities such as Canopy Tour, Horseback riding, and gorgeous, relaxing spa. Getting a spa treatment or relaxing at their hot spring pools are two options that their clients cannot forgo. Clients who want to go for adventure tours in Costa Rica should engage Lizard Tours and enjoy their better services.

About Lizard Tours

Lizard Tours is a tour agency that aims at making people's lives fun through taking them to beautiful peoples for adventure. Their charges are low compared to their competitors.

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