Tourism and The City of Brampton

If you have not been to the city of Brampton, you must have heard of the name before now associated with the flower. In fact, the city was once known as the flower town of Canada due to the large greenhouse industry located in this sprawling city.

The city of Brampton, Canada got its name from the town of Brampton in England, and that goes to confirm the strong link between the people of this city and England. The city population estimate in 2016 stood at about 600,000 individuals with 266.71 square km land area at 1,967.11 population density.

Therefore, giving its population size, economic activities in Brampton is encouraging with unemployment rate estimate at 6.1% low, meaning that the city is an accommodating settlement for people looking for supporting economic activities to undertake.

The city’s settlement started in 1853, a few years after John Elliot started allocating landed properties in the area and gave it the name Brampton. The settlement attained a village status in the year 1853 and started an Agric fair soon after, a culture that was nurtured to become Brampton Fall Fair that has achieved so much popularity today that it attracts so much patronage from distant places to participate in the fair.

Brampton Today

Brampton is a city of many opportunities. It is a city every ambitious person want to be for the possibilities it offers individuals having their hopes set on the highest plane of life. Whether as entrepreneur or job seeker, it is a city anyone can find the bearing if they are not lazy. Apart from economic activities, Brampton also offers lots of fun for visitors that people tend to visit again after their first encounter with Brampton the city of the flower. Below are some of the things you can do in Brampton if you visit the place I call the land of opportunity.

Peel Art Gallery Museum & Archive (PAMA)

The best place to learn about a city is the museum and visiting Brampton without going to PAMA is like not being to the city. When you visit the city, make sure to spare yourself the time to learn more about the city by visiting the museum.

The Wild Water Kingdom

Do you want some fun? Go to Brampton’s Wild Water Kingdom to have lots of it. Now you understand why many people at settling down to gracious life in the city of the flower. The Wild Water Kingdom feature different water plays and lots of games to keep you and family busy on your visit to Brampton.

Eldorado Park

Now you are beginning to understand why Brampton is flower city. The Eldorado Park will give you the picture of paradise on earth the Brampton offer. You can go alone to have a quiet time, have a medication under the cool, airy trees and give yourself a tune up with nature.

Treetop Trekking Brampton

You probably are familiar with ground/land hiking, but treetop hiking is a strange concept to you. You need to visit Brampton to catch the fun on tree top hiking. This type of innovation and rare show of imagination is what you find familiar in Brampton landscape. You visiting Brampton will not only thrill you, but it will also make you wiser and richer in knowledge by the time you come back.  

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