Vacation Rental or Not?

Vacation Rental or Not?

In recent years vacation rental homes and apartments have become increasingly popular and not just for families on vacation but also for individuals and groups of individuals as well. Generally for families, going the vacation rental route is the best way as this saves money as it is cheaper than getting individual rooms in a hotel. For individuals and groups of individuals a vacation home affords you the opportunity to feel like a local and experience how locals live in a specific area or neighborhood on your trip abroad. To figure out if it is a good idea for you to get apartment rentals for vacation on your next trip or vacation, take the following factors into consideration. 

What is available?  
When most people hear the words vacation rental, they almost always start to think of beach houses; however, that term is broader than a beach house, you can rent “an apartment in Paris, a villa in Tuscany, a brownstone in Brooklyn, a villa in Bali, a penthouse in Sydney or even a tree house in Puerto Rico”. No matter what type of lodging you are dreaming of spending your vacation in chances are it is available for you to rent it. 

The upside – there a number of advantages to vacation rentals over other forms of accommodation. Some of these advantages are: You will have  
more space
more privacy  
more money in your pocket

The above will definitely be received as compared to if you decided to stay in a hotel.  
You will also have access to a kitchen and wash/dryer services. If the property is part of a larger resort or complex you may very well also have access to much more amenities and privileges like golf, tennis and even a concierge service. Resorts homes, condos and villas that are found within a resort community or complex generally offer more complete amenities packages. Further, depending on the destination, linens, beach towels and bath towels may be provided for. The property may offer daily or weekly maid services which are offered at an extra cost.

The downside – it must be noted that not all vacation rentals are made equal; therefore, not all vacation rentals have the exact same quality and standard as the next. For example, private single family homes may not have the same amenities offered as that offered by condos and villas found within a complex or resort community. Also when renting single family homes you may find that there are no maid service provisions, room service provisions, concierge service provisions and in-house restaurant provisions; and in some occasions you may need to bring your own linen and towels with you. In the case of beach houses, they have a more rigid check in date as compared to hotels as they have a set schedule and may not offer perks. Another down side to beach houses is that because of the classification (beach house) there may not be the essentials needed by all families such as equipment for babies and beach chairs. As a result it may be up to the traveler to hire the necessary equipment or items he or she needs.    
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