ACCROCHE introduces the Very Smart Traveller list

Subscribers get useful travel advice and discounted travel gear each month


LONDON (10th April 2017) - New company ACCROCHE has created the Very Smart Traveller list to transform journeys around the world, allowing travellers to relax and enjoy the trip even before it starts. 

“At ACCROCHE we want to become the best travel companion, and the VST list is one of the ways in which we can give back to travellers and thank customers for their support for our products” says founder Mariona Casals. “We built the VST list on understanding we gained from our customers, identifying more opportunities to contribute to their travel experience,” she added.

Among the many benefits, the VST list includes

deals on carefully selected travel gear
exclusive promotions on new ACCROCHE products
useful travel advice such as holiday packing checklists

Mariona described how “members will find the best deals on travel gear and also tools to reduce the stress related to preparations for the next trip.” ACCROCHE has great plans for the VST list; according to Mariona “the VST list was designed to build a channel for frequent voyagers. As the VST list grows, we would like to distance the content from generic information and rethink how we can recognise, engage and reward customers in a more meaningful way.”

The VST list is open to anyone interested and it is free. The email is sent out monthly and operates a strict ‘no spam promise’. More details about the VST list are available at


ACCROCHE wants to create a better journey for everyone. That is why we produce excellent travel gear supported with outstanding customer service, so you can relax and enjoy the  journey. We also give back to causes we feel most committed to.

The company was founded by Barcelona-born entrepreneur Mariona Casals in 2016. She is currently residing in the UK.

Mariona and the rest of the ACCROCHE team will be very happy if you get in touch. They also publish travel inspiration and stories on their social accounts.

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