Mexican International Airport to Open Fourth Terminal Soon

CANCUN, MEXICO (April 09, 2017) - One of the largest airports in Cancun, Mexico has recently decided to add to its present number of terminals. “This is being done to ensure smoother air traffic. The number of flyers is increasing at such a rapid pace. It becomes slightly difficult to maintain coherence and correspond accordingly. This new terminal at the airport will not only transfer more flights in Cancun, but also improve the time management”, said a representative.

Airport in Cancun is responsible for providing quality service in Mexico and the Caribbean’s. One of the most important airports in Latin America, it has two operational runways. These runways have a distance of 1500 kilometres between them, so as to not hamper the flight paths of aircrafts. The airport also provides various facilities for the passengers to use. “Our shuttle service is renowned for its efficiency and cost cutting measures. We never compromise on quality. The Cancun Airport Shuttle service provides service for individuals. Passengers can also take a shared shuttle from Cancun Airport, reducing their travel expenses exponentially”, another spokesperson was quoted as saying. 

When asked about the on-goings of the airport, the CEO said “The shuttle services shall continue operating despite the construction work taking place at the airport. We are planning to host a large event for the relevant personnel after the fourth terminal is constructed. This would propel our international rankings significantly. We plan on closing successful deals with world class airline companies so that they can commence their services here as well.”

About Cancun International Airport:
One of Mexico’s largest and most important airports, it provides quality airline services and post-flight services. 

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COMPANY NAME: Cancun International Airport
ADDRESS: Carretera Cancun-Chetumal Km 22 Cancun, Quintana Roo 77565 México
PHONE: +52 (998) 980 0601


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