Naval Archives provide a glimpse into proud moments

A nation’s history is not just about who lived there or who governed but it is also about the men in uniform who fought and strived to defend its honour from time to time. The US Navy is one branch of the defence forces of the US that have been serving the nation’s interest since its inception.  If you wish to know the history, the brave tales, the symbols of courage and service, then you should look at the naval archives. The NHC or the Naval Heritage Center has a huge Naval Archives’ gallery and you can even get a look at it online on NHCRA or Naval Historians Collectors and Research Association online.

A peek into some of the stars at Naval Archives

The Naval Heritage Center was set up in 1969 in Mahan Area and is home to a rich source of materials that take viewers into a journey to the origin, history and achievements of the US Navy.

The HMS Repulse: A blast boat, she is a star which saw action and courage on the field. A participant of many combats in 1812, one of which was the assault of Citadel McHenry and so on, HMS Repulse later on donned the hat of a discovery voyager and played a major role in many adventures including the Arctic Adventure in 1836-1837 by Henry Back.  She was also a part of the Fight of Baltimore which took place in the September of 1814.  She suffered damages on the second Arctic adventure, again by Henry Back in 1836 to a trip to Hudson Bay. Later, the boat received some makeovers to make her to her former elegant self.

The Older Support: You will find more than 180 blood vessels that contribute to various Navy services.  You will be able to find more about their functions, capabilities and more at the archives’ collection.

DON or the Division of the Fast has been a major contributing factor in transforming US Naval causes to be useful for the future activities of the army. They work on naval modifications as well as other expeditionary functions along with new deployment techniques and more.

Thus, you will find many more such symbols, of yesteryears and the recent vessels that were and still occupy a place of pride in the US Navy records.

There are also a collection of art that includes exhibits and artists’ work. You will also get to see a collection of artifacts related to ships, arms and ordnance, uniforms, exhibits, personal equipment and more. There is also a stunning underwater artifacts collection and those who wish to know more can access research guides and the library.  Know the history and the journey of the Navy through the various photographs that depict Navy Life, about US Navy Ships, on wars and related events, different navy and other defence bases, underwater activities and more.

The Navy Archives in News

It is not just researchers or historians who are interested in Naval Archives but even students and general public who are fascinated by defence forces. So, the NHC regularly organizes programs related to Navy, former Navy Personnel and so on. One of the programs is ‘Authors on Deck’ which is a book lecture series wherein they invite authors of books on Navy or related subjects. One such series had the discussion on ‘A Confederate Biography The Cruise of the CSSShenandoah, by Dwight Sturtevant Hughes. These books publishes by Naval Institute Press are also major contributors to keeping the story and legacy of the Navy alive, just as the Naval Archives.

The latest additions to the United States Navy Memorial have been two bells and a time capsule.  It was dedicated to the memorial on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Chief Petty Officer rank.  There is a plaque stand along with the brass bell, the height of which is around 6 feet and you can find it standing proudly at the doorway to the Navy Log Room located in the Naval Heritage Center. On the face of the bell, there is the Navy Seal and a reference to the occasion on which it was dedicated. On the other side, there is reference to the details regarding the presentation of the bell to the Navy Center. The bell can be viewed by all but only Navy Chiefs are allowed to touch or strike it.

A CPO Time Capsule found its place in 1993, on October 13, which is the birthday of US Navy.  It is placed in Navy Memorial Plaza. This time capsule will only be opened in 2093. It consists of many memories of the Chief Petty officers and has materials of historic significance which can be of great relevance to the future generations.  Some of the interesting contents include a winning essay on ‘Why I want to be a Chief’ penned by a cadet selected to be CPO in 1993, letters from Officer Hagan, a diary of Chief Glenn Ecklund that has notes from the period 1937-1957, a cap device from 1893, Navy demographics and so on.

About the site

Navy is not just about a part of the defence force that protects a nation but it is also a symbol of courage against tough obstacles. Ships, ordnance, and more which are an integral part of Naval forces also occupy special place when you want to talk about its journey. Thus, Navy is not just of interest to researchers and students but everyone who is a proud resident of the United States wish to know more about the Navy. The Naval Historians Collectors and Research Association has organized a collection of Naval Archives via NHCRA online. The site offers a peek into the history of the Navy, a biography of its reputed vessels and so on.  It is one of the largest such archive on the internet and thus it will be of interest to everyone and anyone who is fascinated by the US Navy.  For the young, who wish to take up a career in the Navy, the Naval Archives will serve as an aspiration as well as inspirational force.  The site is educative, informative and motivational. Researchers will find a huge chunk of information that will add to their studies. The best part of is that it is suitable for in-depth studies as well as just for a glance to know the history of the Navy.




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