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Travel abroad for cheaper access to dental care
Reduce costs for common treatments by up to a half, with transparent pricing

July 24, 2015 - It is not the fear of the drill, but of the cost that is deterring many Brits from visiting the dentist. Driven by worries over the cost of dental treatment and a lack of transparent pricing, many British patients are looking abroad for affordable access to quality dental care, according to medical travel facilitator, As of July 2015, a clear majority (almost 50%) of UK enquiries to the site are from patients seeking dentistry treatment, it reports. Of these, dental implants (usually only available privately) were the most common procedure.

Recent figures show that some 46% of working UK adults (aged 16+) who do not have routine dental check-ups said that they are too expensive 1*, while almost three in ten (29%) are worried that they may not be able to afford the treatment.
Despite dental treatment being covered by the NHS, a recent investigation highlighted the difficulties in finding an NHS dentist in many areas. One in five NHS patients who pay for dental care are being overcharged 2*, a problem compounded by confusion over the price of dental treatment (private and NHS) and over what treatments patients are entitled to on the NHS. This lack of pricing transparency means that one in three patients put off treatment as a result.
“British dentists charge more than anywhere else in Europe, which is a cause for alarm since many patients are sadly avoiding essential check-ups and treatment due to fear of cost,” says Medigo’s CEO, Ugur Samut.
One solution is to travel abroad for quality dental care with transparent pricing from the outset.
“Prices of treatment in other European countries is often markedly less than that of private dental work in the UK. By travelling abroad for treatment, patients can cut costs by anything from 30% to 70% and get a high quality of care with a carefully vetted, reputable clinic abroad,” says Samut. Even with travel and accommodation costs this can represent clear savings for patients.
Medigo’s care team works with patients on a long-term basis to identify the most appropriate treatment, help select a clinic and deliver clear up-front costs in advance of travel. Medigo’s simple and free price comparison tool enables patients to quickly compare the cost of treatment from specialist clinics across the globe.

MEDIGO ( was founded in November 2013 with the mission of connecting patients with affordable and high quality medical care – anywhere in the world. Patients can access internationally accredited clinics and hospitals with a free and easy-to-use platform. For more information, watch our How It Works video.


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