Trading Gold Stocks

investing in gold stocks

Is trading gold stocks really profitable?

There have been many comparisons done for the gold in terms of the policies and trends floated in the market. It has always been a serious consideration for taking gold as the long-term investment but many investors still doubt it. The recessional phase of 2008-09 was one of the primary reasons for the rise of the gold price. Believe it or not, the recession has a long-lasting impact on many generations to come. Taking an example, the UK voting to leave the European Union elevated the gold prices and reflected the advanced view of the economic uncertainty of Britain.

Market watchers have a habit of creating a sensation for any stock or asset having a probability to grow, and that is what their basic nature becomes. The gold price rose as people thought of purchasing physical gold or betting on it through different platforms, such as gold mining companies, ETFs, and similar options.

Major issues with gold investment

Here, we shall discuss the issues for investing in the gold bandwagon. It is different than the other commodities on the basis of its usage. The gold is mined, purchased and stays with the purchaser. Grains, oil, and other commodities are physically used but gold is crafted into jewelry, art, stored and used in that way. The chemical composition is different than the other commodities and hence, is undertaken differently.

Historical view

Gold has always been a symbol of richness and is always fascinated by human societies. It was even a way of doing payment and considered as a powerful commodity. The monetary system of the United States was based on the gold standard till the 1970s and the amount of credit was linked to the physical gold supply. Fundamentally, gold is considered as a favorable point against the inflation and a store point of value against the declining currency.

Gold Investment

Gold investment can be done by directly purchasing the commodity on physical papers or the stocks of gold-mining or related companies. The higher price of the gold benefits the buyers as well as the associated industries. For example, increased price of gold will encourage the profit margins of the miners. There are some issues to consider with gold-mining stocks and you can look at the political risks and other factors to maintain the gold production levels. There are some gold shares meant for holding gold in papers. There are many gold mining companies including Barrick Gold, AngloGold Ashanti, Goldcorp, Newmont Mining and others having a scope of growth with the advancement of gold prices.

Alternative Investments

Gold can be considered as a good choice for inflation but there are many other opportunities available with the investors. The commodity-based investments might look for the low-cost producers for getting the required results. Human psychology is quite positive about gold as it seems to be the most viable option for investments. This metal has helped people to make fair investments during uncertain phases going hand in hand with financial depressions and recessions.

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