New Kindle Paperwhite Added To The Kindle Family

December 21, 2012 ( December 24, 2012 -- One of the latest updates to the Kindle family, along with the Kindle Fire HD, is the Kindle Paperwhite. The Paperwhite is Kindle's e-reader tablet, built for those who simply want to read, and read a lot. The latest Paperwhite offers some great features that book lovers are looking for and need in an e-reader.

First, the display is improved for reading ability. As most e-reader fans know, it's best to read from an e-reader screen that is not backlit compared to a backlit tablet. The contrast and light does not hurt the eyes and it reads like a book. While the previous Paperwhite needed a light source for reading in the dark, it no longer needs such a source. Now, the Paperwhite has a built in light source that does not impede reading ability or hurt the eye, so readers can enjoy their books at night.

The battery of any device is always a hot topic. The Paperwhite, dedicated to books only, is packed with an incredible 8-week battery, or so described by Amazon. Claims are that readers can enjoy reading for 8 weeks even with the light on. If these claims are true, then Amazon knocks many e-readers out of the ring with this type of battery. Users can worry less about charging and more about their books.

Built in Wi-Fi allows the user to purchase books at a rapid pace, so you never miss a beat while you're reading. Also, the new Paperwhite comes with 6 font style options and 8 adjustable sizes for the reader. Everyone is different and has different preferences, and now the reader can tune the e-reader to their reading desires.

While Wi-Fi is nothing new for e-reader users, Paperwhite now comes in a 3G model, offering download capabilities on the go.

This is the new Paperwhite, with new additions, features and functions. It's time to read in comfort.


The Paperwhite is great for any reader out there. Learn more about the e-reader and its options at

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