Swish Digital Review 2012's Hottest Digital Marketing Techniques

(PRBuzz.com) November 30, 2012 -- At SWISH Digital Marketing Agency they know a thing or two about digital marketing (also known as online marketing or internet marketing). Since 2004 they have helped thousands of businesses and brands succeed online.

However 2012 has been a tricky year for many digital marketing agencies with much turbulence coming in the guise of the now infamous Google updates, the notorious Google Panda and Google Penguin to name the two main 'offenders'. That doesn't mean that there haven't been some great digital marketing opportunities throughout this past year.

Of course one of the hottest digital marketing techniques of 2012 was the ever-popular use of search engine optimization or SEO for short. SEO is an extremely cost effective way that many webmasters, companies and marketers use to market their product or service online. However SEO changed forever this year with Google's algorithmic updates, but that simply did not dent people's thirst for SEO in 2012.

Next has to be the 'evergreen' pay per click advertising or PPC for short, on Google Adwords etc. Most good digital marketing agencies provide this service but try to look for a Google Certified Partner agency. This at least shows you that they have at met certain minimum required standards for PPC management as set out by Google themselves. PPC continued to remain a firm favorite in 2012 for it's almost immediate gratification and return on investment opportunities for webmasters.

Social media continued to a pull out a strong following in 2012 with many a marketing agency now offering social media as part of its core offering. While social media gurus have declared that 'social is the new search' that remains to be seen. However, social media is a powerful online tool that when utilized correctly can drive traffic and even sales for your website.

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