Swish Digital Reviews the Impact of Google's Latest Algorithm Update

(PRBuzz.com) November 30, 2012 -- Last week Google updated their algorithm again for the umpteenth time this year, but wait, was it a Panda Update? A Penguin Update? Or, a partial update of the recent EMD update? Barry Schwartz over at Search Engine Land had this to say "We then asked them [Google] if it was one of the other updates if it wasn't a Panda update? Maybe Penguin or EMD, page layout or something else. Google wouldn't say".

Whatever the update was it had SEO agencies scrambling to understand the situation, many webmasters reported ranking drops of up to 50% (or more) and while the damage it did wasn't as widespread as previous Panda or penguin updates (in the earlier part of this year) it was significant enough to set the cat amongst the pigeons again.

These updates can be a nightmare for many an SEO services company because they seem to hit without warning and sometimes devastate client rankings. This update (and others like it) like earthquakes, strike without warning, but many webmasters know they are living on a fault line and that the next 'Big one' might be just around the corner.

In terms of the most recent update it would be akin to a 4-5 on the Richter Scale, if it were an earthquake. Certainly not a 9.0 but nonetheless destructive. If your SEO agency is competent they should be able to help you navigate through these updates and help you to future-proof your site for the updates that are un-doubtedly still to come.

Now in 2012, when considering availing yourself of SEO services you need to think about how your SEO company will achieve results, not just whether they will or will not get you results. Results in and of themselves are one thing, but these days you must be mindful of how SEO results are achieved.

It's important to ensure that any SEO service provider you engage with is transparent about how they will go about achieving results for you. Make sure that they are only using methods that are in line with Google's latest Webmaster Guidelines and that they are not using any black hat techniques.

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