Swish SEO Agency Offers Wholly Compliant UK Link Building Services

London, UK (PRBuzz.com) November 26, 2012 -- In an industry, where link building has varied types of practices, Swish Digital Marketing continues to offer completely white hat link building techniques to their clients. Since 2004, the SEO agency has lived by these and other ethical business and SEO decisions with everything that they do. They continue to stay on top of the Google Guidelines and webmaster tools to be sure that their clients are not penalised by any of the changes that Google continues to make. At Swish SEO Agency, they continue to provide Google Guidelines compliant UK link building services.

Not only does this SEO UK agency provide all of their link building services as 100% Google compliant but recently all of their link building services are being performed and provided for by their in-house link builders and copywriting team. By doing this, the digital marketing agency has complete control and work together for the betterment of their clients.

Swish SEO Agency focuses more on quality of the links than the quantity of the links that are built. In the past quantity and connecting to as many sites mattered the most but in 2012, even keeping with Google's October announcement, the search engine has let it be known that quality is the most important and the way of how these links get their value is most important.

To combat this, Swish Digital Marketing has worked together to formulate a 100% effective laser targeted link building strategy that will always keep Google happy. All of their links are of the highest quality, are all hand built and are do-follow links. Where some SEO agencies are providing thousands of backlinks per month at cheap prices, Swish SEO Agency has not nor will ever use this as a practice. Not only will Google eventually catch this but will also hurt your website because of these practices.

Swish SEO Agency will drive the right kind of links for your link building services to build the high quality links and search traffic for your business. They are not only high quality that will drive traffic for the present but will safeguard against any future changes that Google makes because of the types of high quality links and sources that are used.

All of their quality links come from high quality web directories, high quality themed articles, high quality general blogs, high quality classified sites and high quality press releases. With everything 100% white hat and top of the line quality, www.swishseoagency.co.uk produces the finest content and results around. They can be contacted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone at: 0844 357 1499.

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