RideBoom App Now Launch in Canberra

RideBoom gives innovation in the world of online-based transportation tools. New services are available now in Canberra with some new features.RideBoom gives innovation in the world of online-based transportation tools. New services are available now in Canberra with some new features.

RideBoom previously available in Melbourne and Geelong its 100 % Australian owned RideBoom will not only offer passengers a large selection of vehicles, but guarantee uniform andtransparent pricing, with no additional surcharge during periods of high demand.Passengers who download the RideBoom app from iTunes or Google Play and register their detailswill then be able to select the type of vehicle they are after and when they want it.

Now they launch in Canberra Some areas in Australia are not as easy as others in term of using public transportations. It is reasonable then if the development of online-based public transportation platforms is realized. RideBoom is one of the platforms that offer the passengers to transport from one place to another only by pushing a button and tapping the Smartphone screen. Slightly, there is no difference between RideBoom and other tools. However, it seems this tool gives some innovations in term of the app and the transportation devices themselves. It also gives some chance for local people who wants to be the driver to generate more jobs and income.

The service provides some great features. The featured one is the ability of passengers to choose the type of cars they wanted. There are mainly 4 types of car provided; they are RB Eco, RB Best, RB Lux, and Silver Cabs. Meanwhile, other features are the easiness to see the driver on the map and to call the drivers to pick them in a short time period. When the Smartphone’s GPS is turned on, the passengers can even guide the drivers where they should pick them.

In term of payment, RideBoom offers lower cost. Auto fare estimate prior to booking is provided to enable the passengers to ensure whether the cost is within their reach or not. There are also additional discounts for the everyday travel as well as no surge pricing. Cancelling is possible for sure. However, there is charge $10 when the customers cancel it after 5 minutes. Payment via credit card is available for the subscribers aside from giving cash.

To improve the further services, the passengers are allowed to rate each drive whether the services given are satisfying or not. Besides, the safety and security are guaranteed since the mobile numbers are hidden from drivers.

Riders able to pay by cab chare as well by selecting the option pay by cab charge at the time of making a booking. Riders able to get their own preferred drivers by adding their preferred driver code at the time of registration with RideBoom.

The great thing about RideBoom app is it has more advantages than any other app available in Australia and you able to get RB Best car which is fixed fare rides, so you don’t have to worry about traffic jams or route taken by the driver.

 Anyone book car with RideBoom he or she will also obtain details of the driver, including phone

number, photograph, the registration number of his or her vehicle and estimated time of arrival.

Likewise, the driver will receive particulars of the passenger.

Mr Harry Malhi founder of RideBoom says customers will be encouraged to contribute feedback after each and every tripthrough an optional quick survey they will receive on their mobile phone.

For more information, please visit http://www.rideboom.com/

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