Senior safety app introduces geofence alerts and fall alert system for seniors

Senior safety app introduces geofence alerts and fall alert system for seniors

Senior Safety - a multi-use safety app has introduced geofence alerts and fall alert system for seniors. The new fall alert system lets monitoring users know when a device falls occur. The app's powerful fall detection algorithms leverage the technology in your phone to detect sudden g-force movements that indicate a fall. When faced with an emergency situation, response time matters, and Senior Safety app immediately alerts your emergency contacts with your real-time location, so your friends or family can come to aid when you need it most.

The app will be a boon to senior members who live in their own home or live an independent life. The app also lets users remotely monitor the senior members of the family to alleviate any concerns about their safety. It helps families stay close even when enjoying an independent life.

Also, introduced with this release, is the new geofence alert to help keep a tab on how many times the device user exited or visited a specific address. This feature works to ensure that your loved ones are regular attaining their PTs, GPs or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Also, this feature proves to be helpful when your loved ones are suffering from stressful medical conditions such as Alzheimer or Dementia, and you fear for their safety if they wander out of their designated safe zones.

“As a company, we are dedicated to providing reliable and accurate safety features for the senior members of our community. Whether it is through inactivity tracker, low battery alert, SOS alert, GPS tracker app, or cell phone usage logs, we strive to help families, when and where they need it," said Danielle Shepherd, Head CS.

Senior Safety app offers seniors with various options for mobile emergency response, leveraging the cell phone they are already comfortable using as the base platform.

About Senior Safety App: Senior Safety is an Android-based free cell phone tracker, phone monitoring app, and fall activity app for monitoring elderly. It's an affordable solution to track the senior members of your family and keep an eye on their well-being.


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