Synth-A-Seesia, a Project about Upgrading Keyboard to Play with Light Seeking Funds in Kickstarter

(January 09, 2018) - Synth-a-Seesia is an innovative musical project that promises to make the keyboard during on-stage performance, more functional and light-infused. In order to make the unique colored lights more musical, Synth-a-Seesia is a project with a difference. It is a known fact that a musical note is assigned a particular frequency of sound, and here an attempt is being made to put in a frequency of light in the whole set up. In other words, each note gets its own unique color. This project is looking for funds and supporters to achieve its goals, and therefore, has started its crowdfunding campaign, in Kickstarter.

Synth-a-Seesia has the box as the main component, the lights, light stick come into action. The lights all form together in a chain which enables in the color beam to travel seamlessly. The challenge that the makers of this Synth-a-Seesia box makers is plagued with is coming up with the process of making it work in all keyboards. Those in need of more than one color of light for each note, can customize things after getting in touch with the builders of this Synth-a-Seesia. The testing process with the top-branded keyboards is over with successful results. With more fund and support coming their way, the testing process can be carried on forward. So all the contributors who want this dream-like musical project to get its wings and fly can contribute, show their love and respect by offering the funds at the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter.

About Synth-a-Seesia:
Synth-a-Seesia box is a projected backed by innovation where the makers have walked that extra mile and added that touch of light with each note on the keyword. It is a unique idea and this project is in need of funders at the popular crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter.

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