Introducing WinPure Email Verification – Every Email Will Now Reach a Valid and Existing Customer

READING, BERKSHIRE – January 4, 2018 – WinPure introduces its online email verification solution to help individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, and enterprises verify emails before they launch their email marketing campaigns.

Email optimization, AB testing, video embedment, compelling copies, etc. are the common terms markets discuss when they send emails to customers. However, the success of any of those techniques depends on one factor only—delivery. Nothing works or can work if the emails are going to invalid email addresses.

Invalid emails can come from a variety of sources, e.g., online web forms, marketing surveys, newsletter subscriptions, call center calls, etc. Sometimes, it’s the customers who provide invalid email addresses on purpose to avoid marketing emails and sometimes they just mistype them.

With WinPure’s online mail verification, individuals and businesses can upload those email addresses in the form of batches and have them verified instantly. They can then download invalid and valid email addresses in separate files. They now have a list where every email they send goes to the address that exists and belongs to a person.

Another solution from WinPure is the email verification API. By using this solution, businesses will be able to confirm the validity of emails during the process of taking them. This will prevent customers from signing up with fake and invalid email addresses, which is often the case when they sign up for free services.

Having an API will helps businesses in more than one way. An e-commerce website can send verifications to real email addresses for their orders. At call centers, lack of time, bad lines and mistyping can lead to obtaining wrong email addresses. This is another area where businesses will be able to rectify the errors using WinPure API.

An admirable effort from WinPure is that it has designed its packages with all types of customers in mind. A basic $99/month package will allow subscribers to verify 2,000 emails per day whereas a $189/month will allow 5,000 email verifications per day. The enterprise package allows verification of 100,000 emails per day.

Not only will WinPure email verifier Pro allow businesses to send emails to only the existing and real customers on their real email addresses but it will also save them a lot of time. A batch of 100,000 emails could take days and even months if a human is appointed to correct the mistyped errors. This is only possible if they have a source with correct email addresses to compare and rectify errors.

WinPure has come up with a simple yet effective solution that will help businesses identify the errors and reasons why their email marketing campaigns fail despite all the optimization efforts and money they spend on email marketing software.

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