High quality CGI graphics are Revolutionizing the Movie World - A review

It would be accurate to say that Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) is creating a significant impression in the entertainment industry. With the advent and widespread use of this high-end animation and computer graphics technique, the animated characters now look too lifelike, and thus the quality of movies, TV series, video games are getting very superior.


In previous times, contrived suits or animatronics were used to shape up the animated objects. Innovators in the CGI sector then worked hard to bring remarkable developments in computer graphics and animation designs. Now with the influx of innovative CGI technique, the feature films, documentaries, animated films, shorts and commercials have become more realistic. The computer-generated imagery has now become a phenomenon that is increasingly attracting a bandwagon of filmmakers, producers, video game designers and robot designers. The main advantages the movie world sees in computer generated imagery is that it generates images that are superior than created through various other processes. Also, it is now easier and cheaper to produce professional-grade feature films, computer games, TV series and documentaries using advanced CGI 3D software. Availability of this software together with increased computer speeds has made it possible for individual artists and small production groups to make a film right from their home computers.


Anyone looking for a company which is into CGI animations shouldn’t hesitate to seek the services of American Graphic Communications (AGC), the Los Angeles-based company that offers the highest quality product visualization, animation and visual effects for images, films, commercials and interactive applications. The digital studio uses a combination of state-of-the-art technology and high-speed machinery to transform its clients’ ideas into full-scale prototypes in a short span of time. It is a one-stop-shop for a wide variety of innovative 3D CGI computer graphics and technologies like motion-capture that are commonly used for creating scenes or special effects in films and television.


AGC has managed to create a platform where CGI experts, software developers and computer engineers come together to design and produce world class 3D visualizations, convincing human animation, cloth effects, visual effects and photo realistic backgrounds for films. A global market leader in CGI sector, American Graphic Communications has a team of skilled experts who use motion-capture technology to turn the movements of live actors into animation. Having commercial ties with several external agencies and organizations providing CGI services, the LA digital studio can help you connect with best designers in the industry. AGC makes a bridge between a filmmaker or a film production house and experts in 3D computer generated graphics who capture the imagination of their clients and work efficiently to blur the borderline of real and imaginary world.


About American Graphic Communications (AGC)

American Graphic Communications is a creative computer graphics development company located in Los Angeles, California, USA. The company offers best quality animations and 3D visual effects essentially needed today for a film to be a blockbuster hit. The company works for a wide spectrum of clients worldwide, ranging from corporations, small size enterprises, agencies and film productions. To know more about the digital studio and its design and visualization methodology, please visit http://www.agcomm.org

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