PubHTML5 Flipping Book PDF Significantly Influences the Digital Publishing Industry

PubHTML5 Flipping Book PDF Significantly Influences the Digital Publishing Industry

Trusted by over one million publishers worldwide, PubHTML5 is a digital content creation tool that users can find very helpful in creating interactive brochures, magazines, catalogues and other types of interactive content to reach their target audience. Not only they can create the content, but PubHTML5 also offers them a platform to publish it online to be accessed by their target audience present worldwide.

The Flipping Book PDF software has been designed to create and publish captivating content both online and offline. According to Anna Lee, the Chief Designer of PubHTML5, as a leading digital publishing solution, PubHTML5 is influencing the digital publishing industry in a significant manner. “Users can now easily create engaging publications to offer a rich media experience to their readers, which can easily influence their decisions,” she states. The content published online can be accessed on all PC, Tablet and major mobile platforms, including Android and iOS .

Anna reveals that the latest feature additions of PubHTML5 make it an even more powerful digital marketing tool of the modern times. The software now allows to embed customizable bookcases online, which makes the content far more presentable and attention-grabbing. One can quickly import PDF files to the software to convert it into a flipping book and can also add rich media, such as audio, video, animations and so on. With the page flipping effect, the digital content achieves a more interesting and convincing format to draw the attention of the readers.

PubHTML5 is a fully customizable digital publication interface, allowing users to enrich their flipping book with a host of interactive features. With a variety of bookmarks, backgrounds, custom logos, buttons and other options, one can easily create interactive digital content with a unique look and feel. One can also embed links to the content and can modify the link color to make it more visually appealing. Users can now publish their content on the PubHTML5 Cloud to be delivered on almost any device all across the world.

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About PubHTML5

PubHTML5 is one of the leading technology providers of HTML5 digital publishing software solutions. The Hong Kong based company offers digital publishing software that allows users to convert any printed material into a unique digital publication. The company’s innovative desktop publishing software allows to deliver digital content via the web, tablets, mobile devices, and social media channels. The software can be used to publish online magazines, product catalogs, newspapers, business brochures, newsletters, corporate reports, annual reports, e-books, event flyers, or any other type of multi-page digital content.


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