Start-up launches GPS-based global addressing system

Start-up launches GPS-based global addressing system

An address is now as easy as a number or single word

22nd December 2017

Physical addresses will soon be a thing of the past if new US-based start-up Geomain Inc. has their way. Geomain is a very simple yet powerful concept where every address on Earth is assigned a unique GPS-linked 19-digit number that essentially replaces the home, office or shop address. A Geomain Name (e.g. “SarahAdams”) may also be registered and mapped to a Geomain Number for a small annual fee. In this way, a Geomain Name is an address for life.

The start-up has a patent pending on this technology, and after over one year of development work, has already gone live and seeing good traction. They are now in the process of appointing hundreds of Domain Registrars as re-sellers to achieve critical mass. Sol Alavi, Co-Founder of Geomain said: “The Domain Name and Geomain Name distribution model is identical in that we only sell Geomain Names via a network of Accredited Registrars. It’s a win-win arrangement – we leverage them to help us sign up millions of customers in a short period of time whilst with the Geomain Name registration services, Registrars are able to significantly enhance their revenues with no additional capex”.

Registrars are also welcoming this new addition to their product offering. Siti Hajar, BizDev Director for Hong Kong based, one of the first Geomain Accredited Registrars said: “We are very excited with the branded addressing potential that Geomain offers to business customers especially because every Registrant will have their own Geomain page, with optional advertising available. I feel that as word gets around, Geomains will eventually become even more popular than Domains because everyone has an address – whereas Domain Names are primarily limited to businesses”.  In pioneering Branded Addressing, Geomain has proven that it is offering something innovative and unique that businesses will see value in and their customers will love.

About Geomain

Geomain was established in the U.S. in 2016 and has its worldwide (except US) Headquarters in Singapore. The Geomain Organization ( owns and manages the Registry for both Geomain Numbers and Geomain Names. It’s mission is to replace Addresses with Geomains globally. Geomain Numbers are available for free at, whereas Geomain Names can be registered exclusively via Geomain Accredited Registrars.

Contact Information

Adrian Hawkins

Geomain Inc.

Singapore: +65-8170-8214

USA : +1-302-233-7110

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