Get Security Products and Solutions at CI Network Technologies Pvt. Ltd (CINT)

Get Security Products and Solutions at CI Network Technologies Pvt. Ltd (CINT)

CI Network Technologies Pvt. Ltd (CINT) is a New Delhi-based enterprise known for designing, developing, and incorporating security equipment, supporting hardware, and software solutions internationally.  The security enterprise has a clientele base including Singapore, USA, Hong Kong, and India, and has worked with over 100 embassies and high commissions in India.  CINT brings the best of technical expertise and competency in the industry and apart from handling security needs, they also serve the IT and educational sector, and they provide similar levels of expertise to these fields.

The Chief Executive Officer said, “Security is a top international concern. As a result, companies and organizations are embracing more heightened processes to keep their premises secure for their employees as well as customers. Door frame metal detectors are a cheap and easy to install device that performs a significant role in ensuring the security of companies and organizations. CINT is a door frame metal detector dealer answering to contemporary security requirements with our high-performance walk through models that you can pick from. Our door frame metal detectors are pre-tested and quickly raise the alarm on detection of dangerous material for prompt intervention.”

Convergence was at first set up as a group of businesses providing diverse services to embassies. Over the years it has developed to be a leading dealer in the arena of security and software solutions and is currently registered as C I Network Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Since its launch, CI Network Technologies Ltd has had the completing projects for multiple high commissions and embassies in the country.  Their varied product portfolio and an exceptional after-sales support have garnered them great partnerships with many of their clients.  Their essential capability is a strong technical basis integrated with a devoted and brilliant team which has enhanced their growth on an increasing trajectory progressively. Their style of business has differentiated them in their areas of operations, and their processes have established to be effective and given them a distinct operating advantage.

The Chief Executive Officer said, “At CI Network Technologies Pvt. Ltd, we offer light bulletproof vest online at affordable rates. The light-weight bulletproof vest comes with completely flexible shoulder straps and adjustable waist straps including multi-threat capabilities. With its adjustments, you can bring a difference of about five centimeters in its length and ten centimeters in waist size. Our light bulletproof vest is ideal for breathability, does not hinder free movement, and we also offer bespoke sizes to our customers.”

Apart from retailing excellent wireless CCTV Camera Dvr system, CI Network Technologies Pvt. Ltd sells brilliant automatic swing gates that open and close using an electronic or press button operation.  The automatic swing gates are suitable for applications where low-speed compound gate procedures are crucial. The swing gates are ideal for either small or large size openings and are envisioned for utilization where a lot of traffic is present. The swing gates can be used in a collection of applications including stand-alone use and combination, and are perfectly suitable for exterior uses where intrusion system is required.

About CI Network Technologies

CI Network Technologies Pvt. Ltd (CINT) is a New Delhi-based enterprise that offers affordable bullet proof vest armor price to its clients.

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