Please Google , Do not make us lose 10 Million Dollar

We are so sad this happened. we had 300,777 active users in our Jailbreak VPN Android Application and it has been suspended for a silly reason for an update published on 9th Dec last. They could have unpublished and ask us to fix the error and republished. Instead they just suspended.

We were talking about acquisition with a company and they offered us 10 million dollar for acquiring Jailbreak VPN. Now our all 2 years of efforts has gone and we are going to lose 10 Million dollar.

I beg to you Google, please do not do this. We are your loyal customer, we do not publish our app at any other play store like Amazon , Samsung , Apple store. If you do not like an update, just reject the update, we will fix the part you did not like and re-upload. Promise.

Please Google, Please Google , Do not make us lose 10 Million Dollar.

we are loyal to you.

# Please forgive for my english, I am not english native.

Alexandr Brazhenko

CTO, Jailbreak VPN

Skype: brazhenko.a

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