AnyFlip Has Gained the Steady Growth in Numbers of PDF to Flash Page Flip Content

AnyFlip Has Gained the Steady Growth in Numbers of PDF to Flash Page Flip Content

While the amount of online written content continues to grow, so too does the challenge to make this information as engaging and simple to interact with as possible. In a world of dull documents, has provided a solution to help businesses stand out. AnyFlip PDF to flash page flip book converter has now become so popular it is trusted by over 200,000 publishers worldwide - a number that only promises to continue growing.


AnyFlip is unique in that, not only will it convert a PDF into a flipping magazine for easy and intuitive use on tablet computers or desktop PCs but it is also fully customizable. The converted flip books can be translated into any language at the click of a button meaning customers don’t have to struggle reading in anything other than their mother tongue. The designed content does not simply appear on a plain dull background either, but can be customized with any number of attractive images. What makes AnyFlip most unique is that it also supports the addition of audio, embedded video and other rich media content directly in the body of the book itself. This means that brands can truly tailor the reading experience to their customers before sharing. Flexibility is key here too as AnyFlip’s PDF to flash page flip books can be downloaded as .zip files, .exe files and embedded directly onto any HTML based website.


CEO of AnyFlip, Jason Chen says: “It is unsurprising to see why more and more businesses are choosing AnyFlip’s PDF to flash page flip book converter to meet their needs. Unlike other similar products on the market, AnyFlip not only provides an attractive and engaging way for customers to interact with content online but it also does this in a way that is still easily readable by independent search engines, actually increasing our clients’ SEO rankings. This means our clients’ content not only looks great but also becomes much easier to find. It’s a real win-win situation and a perfect choice for brands looking to make a digital impact.”


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