MileCatcher is Offering an IRS Compliant Mileage Tracking App

MileCatcher is Offering an IRS Compliant Mileage Tracking App

Redmond, USA –December 7, 2017 – MileCatcher is a premium mile tracking application developed with the primary aim of giving its users a perfect replacement for the mileage book whose relevance has faded in the modern society. The single task application has been optimized to offer a comprehensive range of services that includes smart classifications, admin delegation, quick tap expenses, and multi-vehicle support among other functions. MileCatcher is a highly customizable app, and besides being used in the USA, it can be used in several other countries once tailored to suit the specific deduction rate and currency.

Talking about the need for an accurate mileage log, the Marketing Director said, “Running a business that requires a mobile workforce calls for constant documentation of each trip which makes the core of calculating travel expenditures and remuneration for the employees. Accurate classifications of such trips have always been a headache to most managers as they depend on estimations to create office and expense reports. Relying on non-factual data to create your logs often leads to cost wastages and creates an open door to audit gaps that can be very hard to rectify.”

Simple but important record keeping aspects such as having a vehicle mileage log can save sole proprietors from losing their audits and keeping track of their total expenses. MileCatcher is offering a milage sheet app that does more than just keeping records of trips going further to classify them and calculate the total costs involved for each journey. The IRS always has a higher level of interests to businesses that report losses as it is considered a tax evasion move but with the MileCatcher one can have the peace of mind that their audits will be satisfactory.

Explaining how businesses can accurately calculate business miles, the Marketing Director added, “The very first step to enjoy the standard deduction rates announced yearly by the government is to acquire the IRS compliant MileCatcher app. By acquiring the application, you resolve all the needs for trip tracking and records keeping as its error-free reports are generated on a regular basis. You can then go ahead and code the log to make it easier to understand different locations which are frequented by the business such as office, suppliers, and major customers. “

Among the features that make MileCatcher the best mile tracking app are its lack of limits on the number of trips it can classify automatically, one click classifications, and its driving alerts. The driving alert feature assists drivers to achieve better fuel economu rides, enjoy more fuel economy, and review routes so as to escape traffic jams. A red light along a route signifies slow traffic while a discrete vibration indicates rapid acceleration or a sudden brake. Large organizations can opt for the MileCatcher web portal which gives greater administration freedom and generation of special reports that can be placed against a given project.

About MileCatcher

MileCatcher is a computer and smartphone compatible application that was developed to give its users ease in keep track of trips, making classifications, expense deductions, and report generation of all logs that can be used while filling tax returns.

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