MOONWALK – Managing Unstructured Data For GDPR Compliance

London, UK – December 4, 2017 – Moonwalk Universal, a specialist in large-scale data management solutions, today defines Moonwalk as a powerful tool in the race towards GDPR compliance.

Various recent company surveys relating to GDPR compliance point to most organisations not being ready for May 25th 2018 when the law comes into effect. Furthermore, those same surveys show that a very large proportion of those companies have yet to commence the process towards GDPR compliance.


One of the big challenges for most organisations is knowing what information they do have, and in most cases, the bulk of the data resides as unstructured files, many of which have not been touched for years.

Not only is the unstructured data holding typically the result of long term accumulation but it also represents the fastest growing component of data being created and stored across the enterprise.

Identifying and understanding the unstructured data holdings arguably represents one of the main challenges for any organisation on its path to GDPR compliance.


This is where Moonwalk comes to the party with its non-intrusive, massively scalable file analysis capability.

Moonwalk can be downloaded, activated within minutes, and set to work identifying what files are being held right across the organisation.

Enquiries can be formed according to any mix of the file meta data and/or any combination of storage devices across the network, the search criteria being determined by a powerful central manager called Moonwalk AdminCenter. The search results can be viewed via the simple Moonwalk format or alternatively, fed into some other preferred reporting application.


According to Moonwalk’s CEO, Peter Harvey, “Moonwalk is a powerful mechanism used to ascertain exactly what files are being held, where they are located, and who owns them. With this knowledge, the IT management can take the appropriate action in dealing with specific files as required.

As a matter of course, Moonwalk customers have been using this efficient file analysis component for identifying data holdings as a prerequisite for framing data management action.

The ability to create and maintain a single and consistent view of unstructured data across the enterprise makes Moonwalk an essential part of the toolkit to be GDPR ready.”

Moonwalk can be purchased directly or from Moonwalk’s global network of partners.

Moonwalk FREE Starter Edition is available at

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