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The University College of London, Institute of Brand and Innovation Law (IBIL) is a world-renowned institute for academic studies of intellectual property (IP) and research of law. The UCL IBIL is founded in 2007, by the late Sir Hugh Laddie, who was a judge of the High Court of England and Wales and a leader in the field of IP law. He was appointed Professor of Intellectual Property Law at UCL where he founded the Institute of Brand and Innovation Law. The institute has expertise and experience in providing its students with practical IP knowledge from the best educators and practitioners having vast judicial, practical and academic experience. Like most educational institutions and other law firms, IBIL also has web presence where it shares information about the centre and its areas of expertise. When it comes to providing valuable knowledge and comprehensive information about the intellectual property law, the IBIL website (http://www.ibil.net) is at the forefront.


We are currently living in the era of technology where technological inventions have revolutionised the way people communicate, learn, and gain knowledge, and Internet is the most important communication tool for people, especially students and educators. Although so many law institute websites are out there, your search for the best authenticated information for all brand and Innovation Laws comes to a stop at the http://www.ibil.net. This legal website is committed to give such excellent knowledge about the intellectual property law that makes it quite easy for the learners to understand this complex law. The website has clear goal to promote long-term association between academics, practitioners, industry, the judiciary, policy makers and the student community across the world, and is carefully targeted at the brightest and most ambitious graduate and postgraduate students who want to study the theory of law, know how principles of law are applied in practice and learn to evaluate legal arguments. The website provides valuable information about various graduate and postgraduate taught modules and courses such as comparative intellectual property law, commercial and corporate law, comparative copyright and design law, contemporary aspects of intellectual property rights and legal history.


The website displays the IBIL undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offered in each academic year as well as the CPD accredited short-term courses for the aspiring law students to choose from. There are various web pages providing details on IBIL’s strategy, institute’s vision and ambition, its forthcoming events, past and latest research by the IBIL faculty as well as about its supporters, sponsors, IBIL academic staff and an advisory panel of judges, practitioners and members of the intellectual property institutions. One can find journals, papers and books on the website that are published by the institute’s faculty from time to time. You can search the website for a lot of information on a plethora of legal topics provided by distinguished judges, visiting professors and notable academic staff of the institute. The website actually is a communication tool between the IBIL and community of law students worldwide. If you wish to gather information on various events, public debates, and scholarship programmes that the IBIL conducts frequently, you can visit the website http://www.ibil.net. The website allows access to the recordings of tutorials and past annual lectures delivered by former judges, policy advisors and distinguished professors of law from around the world.


The IBIL website http://www.ibil.net is specifically designed for law students to provide them with right knowledge and skills required to pursue a successful career in law. This website also houses valuable resources and teaching materials for aspiring educators and currently employed law academics looking for furthering their knowledge, performance skills and teaching competencies to cater to the needs of a new generation of law aspirants.

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