MileCatcher is Offering a Mileage Tracker App

MileCatcher is Offering a Mileage Tracker App

MileCatcher is seeking to improve the productivity of the mobile workers globally through their mileage tracker application. Developed out of a goal to make trip logging stress free, reliable, and accessible to clients, businesses, and organizations globally the app is suitable for any trip classification. MileCatcher was founded two years ago by Lars Boesen and has incorporated an eight member product team knowledgeable in app development, user interface, building scalable server solutions, and computer hardware. Market analysts and customers who have used the app have found it to be very effective with highly accurate reports for each trip made.

Talking about the application, Lars Boesen the CEO and Company Founder said, “We came up with a single task focused app specifically dedicated to solving track mileage requirements. The development of smart phones and market demands for a solution that replaces the mileage book was our basis for building the application. Our design focus has seen the MileCatcher being the only app to offer unlimited trip logs for free with several extra features to sort and auto-classify a journey.”

Record keeping is an important aspect of keeping out of the IRS audit traps especially for the self-employed. Simple mistakes like having an inadequate vehicle mileage log or wholly not having one can lead to tax losses which significantly affect a business. MileCatcher is an answer to keeping and maintaining trip logs that work in liaison with the IRS mileage reimbursement rates and can work wonders in reducing the overall tax bill. Complete with a one tap classification feature, the app quickly classifies a trip as either business or personal with special reports produced weekly and monthly that can be used while filing tax returns.

Speaking about their premium subscriptions, the Sales and Marketing Director said, “Companies and individuals looking for miles tracker will find our premium subscription satisfactory. With rates as low as $3.3 per month for a three-year subscription to $5 per month for a six-month subscription your mileage concerns will be a thing of the past. Unlike the free version, the premium subscription comes packed with extra features like administration delegation, automatic classification of repeat trips, and a web portal to copy, paste, edit, and classify trips in bulk up to 60 days older.”

MileCatcher is a highly customizable app that can be tailored to a business to suit an internal corporate rate if expenses are made through the employer. The app has a multi-vehicle support and can conveniently be used to monitor all employee trips without having several apps for each car. To ease record keeping and generation, MileCatcher has category filters and statistics that it uses to generate rich reports availed in xls, pdf, and CSV formats. Clients can download MileCatcher from the App Store and Google Play Store and enjoy superior trip logging services.

About MileCatcher

MileCatcher app has since its launch made a massive impact in the mileage tracking market with thousands of users downloading it on a daily basis. Launched in America, the app has increased its coverage to 13 other countries with more to follow.


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