Jacob Metal Global Limited: Rolling Out A Sustainable Project Plan For Rare Earth Elements And Rare Metal Recycling

September 2017- Jacob Metals Global limited, an organization that is known for evoking high flying deeds when it comes to been a service provider for rare metal consulting, testing, inspection, excavation, appraisal and trading proudly announces a great deal for customers in a bid to give them a redefined experience through their amazing products like never before.

 “Here at Jacob Metals, We leverage our unparalleled market insight and decades of precious metals sourcing, trading, and hedging expertise to create a tangible competitive advantage for Jacob Metals and our industrial customers. We tailor our programs to meet our customers’ specific precious metals needs and requirements.” Says Dr. Venkata Krishna Modugula when declaring the new offerings of the organization. “We constantly adhere to our commitment to increased environmental protection efforts by making important investments in new green technologies initiatives.” He added

Rare earth elements are critical to many existing and emerging 21st century applications including clean energy technologies such as hybrid cars, electronic vehicles; high technology application including cell phones and digital music player, hard disk drives used in computer, advanced water treatment applications, including those for industrial, military, homeland security, domestics and foreign aid use. From laptops to smartphones, the key to mobility is reducing the size and the weight of the mobile devices while maintaining the highest level of functionality and computing performance and this cannot be achieved by advanced technology designers, engineers and manufacturers without Rare Earth Elements and that is why Jacob Metals Global limited are offering industrial customers a "full loop" of metals management services.

With the wealth of experience garnered over the years, Jacob Metal Global Limited has established themselves as one of the leading certified international firms with various other quality certifications and established operations across the UK, Canada, Estonia, Italy, Belgium, India, and UAE. Jacob Metals Precious Metals Services are global and vertically integrated. They are available around the world, and around the clock to provide strategic solutions to client’s precious metals requirements.

For more information on how to get started, please visit www.jacobmetals.org

Contact Details

Company name: Jacob Metals Global Limited

Contact person: Dr. Venkata Krishna Modugula

Company website: www.jacobmetals.org

Company phone: +441614136010


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