Moonwalk Universal Brings Cloud Data Storage Closer For Small To Medium Business

Palo Alto, CA – 11 August, 2017 – Moonwalk Universal, a specialist in large-scale data management solutions, today clears the way for the small to medium business to take full advantage of the benefits of cloud storage, a service typically engaged by larger organizations.

For many smaller businesses the path to cloud storage can be too complex, too disruptive and too costly, due to the requirement for additional components such as client-side software, middleware and infrastructure such as cloud NAS devices and arbitration servers.

Moonwalk Starter Edition is a game changer on all counts.

Available free for up to 25 TB, Moonwalk Starter Edition automates file mobility from expensive primary storage and bloated NAS systems to lower-cost cloud storage services, without impacting applications or end users.

Using customizable policies, file content is transparently and securely written to a selection cloud storage service while storage capacity is reclaimed on the existing file servers.

The new software comprehensively integrates with a range of cloud and object stores including Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Hitachi HCP, Dell EMC ECS, IBM Bluemix/COS, IBM Spectrum Scale, Scality and Concurrent Aquari.

Benefits of Moonwalk include:

* Out-of-the-box support for all major cloud and object stores

* Reduced storage cost of ownership up to 80 percent

* Reduced size of production file system volumes up to 90 percent

* Zero middleware; zero single points of failure

* No limits on file count

* Reporting and analytics for continued optimization and improvement


Moonwalk Starter Edition is available at


About Moonwalk Universal

Moonwalk Universal develops all-inclusive data management and protection software for major operating systems, storage platforms and the cloud. Moonwalk is found in banking, healthcare, manufacturing, government, research and other key industries. For more information, visit



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