Dollar Digits is Offering a Free Number to Their First 10 Thousand Customers

Dollar Digits is Offering a Free Number to Their First 10 Thousand Customers Dollar Digits is Offering a Free Number to Their First 10 Thousand Customers Dollar Digits is Offering a Free Number to Their First 10 Thousand Customers

Dollar Digits (, one of the fastest growing second line phone number apps on the market, is giving away a free number to the first ten thousand customers who download their app.  Dollar Digits, the brainchild of Chicago based internet optimization leader Jack Lombardi, allows customers to add a second line to their smartphone without any complicated contracts or expensive fees.  Customers simply download the free app and then purchase a number.  For customers who act quickly the number will be free of charge.  The Dollar Digits app can be downloaded on Google Play and on the App Store.

Many social media companies are struggling to provide their users with tools to combat harassment and are even losing users over the issue.  Web 2.0 and its promises to bring people together are often leading to pain and disappointment.  Many users have noted that the internet can be a hostile and unpleasant place but it is also one of the best places to meet new people.  Dollar Digits customers no longer have to worry about connecting with new friends or giving out a phone number to people they meet on online dating sites.  If a person begins to experience harassment with their Dollar Digits number they can quickly and easily change their number.  With Dollar Digits people are able to connect and make friends without the risks.

Dollar Digits gives everyone from online daters to business owners a way to anonymously call and send text messages.  The affordable rates and lack of contracts makes Dollar Digits an appealing option to people from all walks of life.  Dollar Digits offers multiple plans including a pay as you go option so customers can use their second line as little or as much as needed.  A Dollar Digits second line also has text, picture, and video messaging and voicemail so customers have all the features they are accustomed to in a regular phone line; Dollar Digits also includes a self destruct chat feature, deleting user messages after they've been seen, much like the popular app Snapchat. 

Dollar Digits is set to launch it's 2.0 version June 1st.

The convenience, flexibility and price of Dollar Digits is quickly making it competitive against not just other second line number apps, but traditional phone companies as well.  More and more, consumers are realizing that they don’t need to be tied to large phone companies and their complicated contracts.  Dollar Digits is the answer to “big mobile.”

Privacy and anonymity are growing concerns for many smartphone users, but these rights have been important to Americans for decades.  As Justice Louis Brandeis noted in 1929, privacy is “the right most valued by civilized men."  With Dollar Digits this highly valued right is no longer out of reach.  The need for privacy and the need to connect are no longer at odds thanks to Dollar Digits’s unique service. 

To learn more about Dollar Digits and their free number giveaway or to book an interview, please contact Jack Lombardi at 855-218-7799  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the website at    

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