Red Koda Software Limited releases brand new update with offline multiplayer features for Chinese Poker

Red Koda Software Limited releases brand new update with offline multiplayer features for Chinese Poker

Enjoy incomparable mobile poker experience from Red Koda Software Limited as Chinese Poker update accommodating multiplayer through Bluetooth storms the mobile casino arena

Many poker lovers struggle to enjoy good poker time with their friends in the absence of reliable internet connection. This update on Chinese poker provides a maximal enjoyable mobile poker experience with special multiplayer features through Bluetooth play. The Bluetooth multiplayer feature allows up to 4 players and offers unlimited time for users to think and set up their cards. The game proceeds at superfast pace, allowing users to play as much as 12 rounds in just 4 minutes

Chinese poker is a unique game that offers unparalleled gambling experience. It is as addictive as a gambling game could be and capable of keeping any player glued to their mobile, chiefly because of its special non-stop playing feature. The average casino game out there prevents players from playing once they lose all your cash. This game however offers unlimited free chips, ensuring that users never run out of stake.

The awesome high-end graphics create a realistic casino environment, making provisions for users to choose their own avatar to represent them at the casino. Four different cities await each player to become their ultimate conqueror and lord supreme. The simple, albeit different scoring system provides an experience that is different from the conventional. Additional points are awarded for unique card sets and there is absolutely no need to worry about calculating scores, the game takes care of that in a speedy and transparent manner.

‘This game is so handy. Playing without efforts with my friends’, raved BJ Ferrer after giving the update a perfect 5 star rating and feedback on the Android Play Store. The game enjoys a large audience in many parts of Asia and boasts of players from Europe and America. The game is currently ranked 5th and 6th at iOS game (Casino) and Android game (Casino) respectively. The leaderboard allows players to compare their prowess with over 100,000 players from around the world.

The Bluetooth multiplayer feature is easy to set up and connects readily without unwarranted stress. A quick demo on how to set up and play is available on You Tube.

The latest update is available free on Apple iOS Store for apple iPhone users, and Android Play Store for Android device users. The producers also offer other games such as Big 2, Pai Gow, Three Card Poker and other fun card games.

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