Timepot Offers Exceptional Tracking Online Solutions

Timepot Offers Exceptional Tracking Online Solutions

Timepot is a beautiful and ergonomic online time tracking tool that helps organizations keep track of employee work hours. Some of the benefits it offers include clear reporting, precise manual and automated time tracking, vacation sharing and profitability reports. Timepot made sure all of these functions are intuitive and easy-to-use. The software runs on various platforms such as Windows and Linux with the Mac, iOS, and Android soon to join the fold. In addition to the amazing benefits the application also offers a 30-day free trial period for clients who’re looking to see if the tool is the right pick for them. During the trial, clients are able to access all the Timepot features to get the real feel of the system.

Speaking about which tracking tool is best for you, Analyst at Timepot said, “When looking to get a tracking tool, what matters isn’t the cult following or a marketing copy. It’s also not the exceptional sales reps or good reviews that the tool has. What is important is whether or not a particular time tracking tool works for you. Some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before you select a time tracking tool are; which time tracking view works best for me? How do I need my reports done? Can I try it before I buy it? Can I track vacation and leave? And how much does it cost and how much will I save? Once you answer these questions correctly, then you’ll get the best tool for your needs.”

Customers can now get time tracker online at Timepot as they have managed to create a time tracking tool that’s so simple and one that will bring the best out of one’s team. The exceptional team behind Timepot continues to innovate and drive the product forward and still get to stand on their original principle of simplicity. Timepot can help users to monitor their vacation by marking trips and days off in a yearly calendar. The application will automatically count their off days and allow others to see when their colleagues are not in the office. Timepot reporting module does the math for clients so they can concentrate on the success of the company.

Talking about their online employee time tracker, Analyst said, “At Timepot, we offer the most beautiful employee hours tracker online. Our clean ergonomic dashboard allows you to log your time as fast you would want. You can use either automatic or manual time tracking, whatever better suits your needs. Our online employee tracker tool will also let you monitor the time an individual spends doing a particular task and also be able to browse the tasks history smoothly.”
With the pricing of $4 per month for each user, customers can expect to get more than they paid for when they use Timepot. They require no credit card to use trial version, and one can try out their demo and get to use the full app without having to log in. Also, their customer service is exceptional, and customers can always count on the Timepot team to get their questions answered or even their complaints solved. They are a feedback driven application which means they let their users suggest new features and implement best ideas. 

About Timepot

Timepot is a leading online tracking tool that helps businesses keep track of their time to enhance productivity, transparency and company performance. They offer cost-effective solutions and clients are guaranteed precise, reliable and result-oriented solutions.

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