Sirius Integrator announces new low-cost Horizon Reformed Methanol Fuel Cell All-in-One off-grid Power Packages

Sirius Integrator announces new low-cost Horizon Reformed Methanol Fuel Cell All-in-One off-grid Power Packages

Breaking Fuel Cell Adoption Barriers

Groton, MA – Sirius Integrator exclusively offers a new fully integrated Horizon Mini 100 (100w) Reformed Methanol fuel cell battery-charging generator at one half the price of any other on the market. The Mini 100 keeps mission and data critical application devices running unattended for long periods of time in remote locations and in the harshest outdoor weather. This new off-grid, grid and solar backup power system provides up to 2400w (2.4kwhs) per day to your 12v or 24v battery systems. Lead acid or LiFEPO4 battery systems can be automatically recharged upon the voltage dropping below a specified level. Fuel cells are quiet, green, emission & maintenance free, and efficient. By reducing site visits users can ensure systems remain running, security systems stay operating and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is greatly reduced.

There are hundreds of off-grid industrial applications that need continuous power including surveillance and detection systems, traffic management signage, communications systems, railway signals, sodar/lidar/radar, weather stations, seismic and water sensors, drone charging stations, pumps and compressors, wind profilers, emergency lighting, in-vehicle auxiliary power, and many more.

The new packages include the Horizon Mini 100, 100w fuel cell system, an empty 10 liter or 25 liter fuel cartridge, a fuel sensor, cabling, a laptop adaptor, a normal or very cold outdoor enclosure, and a “2 year or 2000 hour” warranty. Optional add-ons include a multi fuel cartridge setup for extended run-times or a standard drum connection, GPRS comms module & remote management website, and a DC to DC Converter to charge 24v battery systems. Our unique very cold enclosure includes a motorized vent and heater, controller and temperature sensor, 1.5” of installed insulation, and thermal warming of incoming air. This is the lowest priced one-of-a-kind off-grid DC power system available for normal, hot or very cold outdoor conditions. The normal temperature package starts at $ 5995 and the 'very cold' all-in-one package is $ 7995. Both have a 60 day lead time for delivery and are special 'make to order' systems with quantity discounts and rentals available. The Reformed Methanol fuel (IMPCA Methanol and deionized water) can be purchased locally by the customer to spec to minimize ongoing operational costs. If you have your own shed or enclosure, fuel cell systems start as low as $ 3,495 for 50w models.

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Sirius Integrator

Sirius Integrator is the North American reseller of Direct & Reformed Methanol (5w-500w) and Propane & Natural Gas Solid Oxide (SOFCs, 20w-1500w) Fuel Cell battery-charging remote power outdoor systems, specialized outdoor enclosures, Relion Lithium-ion batteries, WindStream Solar Wind generators, and gas (sulphur) filtration systems, marketed to Physical & Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Oil & Gas, Seismic & Weather, Marine, Communications & Telecom, Wind, Railway, Traffic Management, corporate and government agency customers.

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