Cancelbox Reminds People When Their Free Trials Are About to Expire, Stops Gray Charges

Cancelbox Reminds People When Their Free Trials Are About to Expire, Stops Gray ChargesCancelbox Reminds People When Their Free Trials Are About to Expire, Stops Gray Charges


Cancelbox is now featured on Kickstarter, where it hopes to raise funds and awareness

DECEMBER 3, 2015 – The team at Cancelbox is pleased to unveil their creation, a seamless platform that will remind people when their free trials are up. By doing this, Cancelbox will be saving people the hassle and inconvenience of surprising “gray” charges that occur when free trials stop and paid services start.

The team behind Cancelbox also recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to get this app into development. Once it’s available, Cancelbox will help people around the world avoid gray charges – charges that appear when a free trial ends or a subscription renews automatically. The Cancelbox app will help stop these charges by sending a reminder via text seven, three, and one day before the free trial or subscription ends. Ultimately, it’s up to the user to stop the trial, but Cancelbox gives the user a backup. With Cancelbox, users know they’re covered and will receive notifications about trials that are coming to an end.

The Cancelbox app will be designed with an easy to use interface that makes it almost effortless for users to jump in and create a fast notification about expiring free trials.  Cancelbox will not only help users save money by avoiding gray charges, but it could also help them save money by getting better deals on subscription renewals or even changing to another provider.

Cancelbox allows users to view and manage all ongoing trials and subscriptions in one place, rather than users having to flip through each week and month on a calendar to find what trials and subscriptions they are currently enrolled in. The Cancelbox app will also be able to get users deals when their subscriptions and trials are about to expire. Companies will be aware that Cancelbox users trials and subscriptions are expiring and will send discounts through Cancelbox in order to keep the users’ business. The company plans to design a premium paid version of this app if there is a need for additional services or features.

Once funded on Kickstarter, Cancelbox plans to have its web version running within 2-3 months and its mobile app will be running within 3-5 months. The app will first be available for iPhone, and an Android version will follow if funding allows. More information can be found at

About Cancelbox

Cancelbox is a free online app that was created to help people avoid gray charges by reminding people when free trials are ending.  


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