New App for Android & iOS – TruePal – Lets YouBuy/Sell or Ask Questions/Suggestions in Your Trusted Network of Friends

New App for Android & iOS – TruePal – Lets YouBuy/Sell or Ask Questions/Suggestions in Your Trusted Network of Friends

Do you remember the last time you planned a vacation for yourself and your family? Better still; are the memories of your last used car purchase still fresh in your mind? Every now and then, we are faced with situations or questions that we need suggestions or answers for. Obviously, we seek out these answers and/or suggestions from our friends and family. Let us take an example. If you have a frozen pipe in the middle of the night, you might want to contact your friends to see if they know any plumber who can do the job at that hour. However, calling your friends one by one till you find someone who knows a plumber can be cumbersome. It is even worse if it is at an odd hour.

TruePal is an app that is meant to help you get answers to questions instantly. It is a social network that connects you with your friends and their friends. In other words, you can be connected up to the 5th level of your network. Hence, if you have a question that you need to ask; you can put it on your TruePal app, and someone would offer a quick answer. What is pertinent to note is that you can select the friends who can see your post. For example; if you need a plumber, only your friends who live in the vicinity can help. Hence, you make your post visible only to your connections in a single area. There are various other filters that can be used too.

The spokesperson, Mohit Masand, of TruePal was contacted for his comments. He said “Asking questions is an essential part of human interactions.  When we are in social gatherings, people ask questions about a car they are planning to buy or they seek help planning the itinerary of their next vacation. In today’s global world, our friends and family are all dispersed and reside in different parts of the world. TruePal aims to replicate our social interaction on the mobile platform. This makes it convenient to ask questions or advices from people around the globe. Moreover, it is simple to get quick help any time of the day. We generally advise all our app users to return the favor by answering a few questions themselves too.”

Moreover, you can buy/sell stuff within closed group of known people. See what your friends are selling on TruePal. Buying from friends is as easy as buying a new one.

If you are already curious about the app and how it is touted to help you rebuild your social interactions, visit or download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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VP, Marketing
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