Touchscreen Video Brochures – Innovative Video Marketing

Touchscreen Video Brochures – Innovative Video Marketing


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Oceanstar Gift offer a NEW high quality low cost, China direct solution for marketers.

SHENZHEN, CHINA – September 18, 2015Oceanstar Gift, a Chinese manufacturer of Video Brochures and LCD display stands announced today that it is introducing a new product, Touchscreen Video Brochures. Low cost, high quality and offering and incredibly powerful advertising platform right at your fingertips, Touchscreen Video Brochures are hugely popular with consumers and Oceanstar predicts that these products offer strong sales opportunities for resellers or even stronger marketing tools for direct buyers from within the marketing sector.

“This latest marketing innovation has really grabbed our customer’s attention. The touchscreen controls to skip between videos adds an iPad like experience” said Julia Tang of Oceanstar Gift. “When clients open the card and the high quality adverting video starts to play, they are blown away. Their reactions get even better when they realize they can select new videos or view images at a gentle swipe of the screen”. “We forecast that these are going to be a go to marketing aid for luxury items, such as high-end housing developments and top of the range cars”.

The Touchscreen Video Brochure is powered by a long lasting rechargeable battery. It is produced to the highest standards required by the EU and USA. Clients can have complete control over the printing process and are welcome to choose whatever layout styles they can imagine.

Oceanstar Gift produces Video Brochures in a multitude of layouts, screen/battery/memory sizes, all to ensure that the client can produce the exact product they desire. Brochures can even be semi-finished and shipped to buyer so they can complete the printing process themselves. Oceanstar’s aim is to be friendly, efficient and knowledgeable, making the clients experience dealing direct with China as easy as buying locally, but at a far lower cost.


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