The World's Smallest, Fastest Computer on a Stick Available To Pre-Order from Friday

The World's Smallest, Fastest Computer on a Stick Available To Pre-Order from FridayThe World's Smallest, Fastest Computer on a Stick Available To Pre-Order from FridayThe World's Smallest, Fastest Computer on a Stick Available To Pre-Order from Friday

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September 02, 2015 --- The world’s smallest ever computer, the equivalent size of two fingers, will launch a crowdfunding campaign later this week as it sets about raising investment to go into mass production. Super fast, totally tiny, incredibly powerful and ultra high performance, the MagicStick will be available to pre-order on Indiegogo from Friday September 04, 2015.

The MagicStick is thought to be the tiniest PC in the known universe and packs a USB 3.1 port with an ultra fast data transmission speed of over 10 Gbps into its diminutive casing. At not much bigger than a standard flash drive, the MagicStick’s unprecedented speed means it can copy a 10 GB movie file in less than 10 seconds (25 times faster than any existing computer).

The fully loaded MagicStick is powered by the very latest Intel 14 nm Cherry Trail quadcore processor with 16 core GPU. It has an impressive list of world’s best achievements to its name including being the world’s smallest computer to offer above 1 Gbps Wi-Fi speed (competitor devices flatline at 100 - 150 Mbps Wi-Fi capacity).

For tech buffs seeking total convenience alongside a potent arsenal of power performance, the MagicStick is also the smallest computer on the planet to be an IOT device. This feature which can be switched on or off at will from a mobile phone completely independently of the MagicStick itself – and because it is preloaded with Windows 10 and Android Lollipop, it will work instantly with either operating system.

Small but mighty, the stellar tech credentials don’t end there. It has a ton of connectors built in including the newest c-type connector, and is the only computer on a stick in existence to support so many ports in so few inches.

The MagicStick will convert any TV into an interactive computer – just plug into the HDMI port and go. Portable, powerful and robust, it’s ideal for travelling, removing the need to take a bulky laptop or tablet on the road. It’s also pocket friendly and will retail for just $249.

Very fast, small in size and low on power, the MagicStick uses less than five watts of power per unit, making it the most efficient computer ever designed. It also makes it incredibly environmentally friendly, helping to reduce carbon footprints while adding white hot speed to everyday IT tasks.

Ambuj Kumar, Founder and Chief Architect said, “MagicStick is an incredibly exciting IOT device, with massive potential and huge power. It’s slick, quick and super streamlined, hugely portable, pet and child friendly and addresses many of the issues that plague users of existing computer on stick devices.

“MagicStick is powered by Intel’s 14 nm Cherry Trail Processor with 12 to 16 Core GPU, supporting up to 8 GB of RAM with the world’s fastest Wi-Fi connection to boot so speed is never an issue. This means outstanding results and demonically fast downloads whether you’re playing games or streaming movies”.

“We are proud of its green credentials too, as it saves energy which reduces carbon emissions.” Said Niraj Kumar, cofounder of MagicStick.

The MagicStick Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign goes live on Friday 04 September 2015. Be the first to pre-order at or watch the video:

Technical Specifications

•    Intel 14 nm Cherry Trail quadcore processor with 16 core GPU
•    Emmc 5.1 based storage, and LPDDR3 RAM up to 8 GB
•    USB3.1 with over 10 Gbps data transfer speeds
•    1 Gbps Wi-Fi speed supporting Beam Forming technologies
•    Wi-Fi display (Airplay and Miracast) supported
•    IOT enabled
•    Range of ports and connections including the latest C-type connector
•    Windows 10 and Android pre-loaded (compatible with Linux)
•    Runs on 5 Watts of power


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