Viivant Offers New Generation Portable Lighting With Flexi USB LED

Viivant Offers New Generation Portable Lighting With Flexi USB LED

June 24, 2015 - Valley Cottage, New York -- Viivant creates a new innovation on portable lighting. The company released a new product named USB Flexi LED. It is a handy light with a USB connector that can be hooked to USB ports of power banks, laptops and personal computers.


The light emitting diode or LED is a kind of light which is a semiconductor. It gives light when electricity passes into it. It is about 1 square millimeter, and it can be shaped and arranged accordingly due to its small size. LED has many advantages compared to ordinary bulbs and lights. It has a longer life, is robust, and low energy consumption.

The LED has been used in different areas of industries, which include automation, mobile industry, aviation, traffic control and cameras. Now, Viivant has created a new device which utilizes the mobility of the LED.

Flexi USB LED Features

The Flexi USB LED is made from silicone material that enables the user to adjust the angle of the direction of the light. Once the light is adjusted to the desired angle, the light stays in position.  

It is designed to be anti-glare to give sufficient lighting for reading and typing. It can be used during night studying or working late in the office or at home. 

With the aid of a portable charger, the LED portable light becomes more mobile. It can be carried anywhere- during camping, hiking, reading maps and walking. The Flexi USB can act as emergency light and flashlight during travels and in the outdoors. 

Viivant package

The Flexi USB LED is available only on Amazon. For a limited time only, the product is offered at $9.99, or 23% less than the original price. It also comes with a two year full replacement warranty. For more information about the unit, customers can visit the Viivant website.

About Viivant

Viivant strives to create cutting edge technology that allows users to take advantage of the monumental freedom offered by smartphones, tablets, cameras, Bluetooth devices, and other electronic devices. By developing leading mobile USB chargers, Viivant helps consumers overcome battery loss and enjoy sustained productivity, fun, and lifestyle.

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