IrisGuard – EyeBank® Cash Payment - Serving Syrian Refugees Daily

IrisGuard – EyeBank® Cash Payment - Serving Syrian Refugees Daily

Amman, Jordan — IrisGuard Inc. — June 1st, 2015 — IrisGuard EyeBank® technology has successfully and effortlessly enrolled online over 1.6 million vulnerable Syrian refugees displaced throughout the neighboring countries.

The humanitarian EyeBank® project is the world’s largest Iris deployment intended to provide financial inclusion services to Syrian refugees. The holistic project is operated by an international aid agency. The iris database is used in a variety of refugee services (Financial, Social, Food etc.) by the aid agency and its affiliated non-governmental organizations (NGO) throughout the MENA region.

IrisGuard is recognized as the world’s leader in iris recognition technology which is based on the science that every person’s eye is distinct, providing a unique identifier for every refugee registered in the program. IrisGuard patented technology uses varied characteristics of the iris to deliver accurate, fast and secure human payment methods not found in any other technology.

The agency selected IrisGuard due to its superior Iris Recognition Technology (IRT) enrollment, recognition, pristine quality and scalability, operating 24/7/365 under very harsh conditions in refugee camps and urban areas throughout the region.  The massively scalable backend EyeBank® software architecture has enabled the aid agency to grow its operations with hundreds of IrisGuard stations tightly integrated within aid agency registration software.

The EyeBank® unobtrusive technology offered by IrisGuard has been developed and field deployed for over a decade in mission critical, tried and tested operating environments worldwide. IrisGuard has over 15 years extensive R&D experience in holistic iris authentication deployed programs stretching from massive Homeland Security, Law Enforcement and Transportation projects to dozens of Banks and Humanitarian projects across the globe. IrisGuards advanced subject knowledge in iris camera design and optics, manufacturing (UK) and software development is second to none in the biometric industry. IrisGuard end-to-end solution comprises of iris imagers with their intricate optics, electronic components and backend scalable iris matcher servers in addition to a multitude of sophisticated hardware-based encryption and ultra-secure middle-tier elements which encompass the flawless refugee solution.

As a testament to IrisGuard accuracy and speed, refugees are currently able to walk up to an IrisGuard enabled ATM on the street, present one eye only (no card or pin) and effortlessly withdraw their cash allocated financial subsidy immediately. This method was selected based on the request from the aid agency to provide a dignified, fast, simple and rigorous method of cash-assistance delivery. To-date, no other biometric vendor in the world has attempted this extremely challenging process. For over 24 months now, IrisGuard-equipped ATM’s have remunerated hundreds of thousands of refugees, hundreds of millions of dollars on the streets of Amman faultlessly. The aid agency methodically registers over five thousand underserved refugees a day in the iris enabled refugee system.  More than 80% of the total refugee populations live outside refugee camps in urban and rural areas where humanitarian and social services are in great demand for the underprivileged. The devastating Syrian crisis is one of the largest refugee exoduses in recent history.

IrisGuard technology is designed for large scale sustainable deployments that do not require the expensive and troublesome card-based (magnetic or smart) which can easily be forged, destroyed and increases tremendously the Total Cost of Ownership of deploying complex humanitarian relief projects. Furthermore the objectionable card-based solutions do not guarantee that the beneficiary receiving the financial assistance is indeed one and the same person. Cards and pins can be traded on the black market where unauthorized persons continue to receive aid fraudulently. Only by implementing IrisGuard technology at the time the service or cash delivery is given, can any aid agency be 100% confident that the beneficiary is indeed the rightful recipient. IrisGuard pioneered “Your Eye is your Card” concept, every individual has them, the card that cannot be stolen, lost or given to someone else.

IrisGuard onetime enrollment process only takes approximately 2-3 sec in the life of a refugee, however, it enables the aid agencies and NGO’s to faultlessly serve and financially include refugees for decades to come. The unified regional iris repository is centralized at a regional center operated by the aid agency. Instantaneous, cross-country operational transactions are executed dynamically in under a few seconds no matter where the refugee is located in the region and around the clock, hence precisely determining the size and composition of refugee populations. IrisGuards advanced trusted identity helps the refugee seek asylum and find safe haven in another country and will play a preponderant role in the family repatriation process once this crises has subsided.

 “The Syrian crisis is the world’s first ever cross-border iris enabled humanitarian relief registration and financial inclusion program. To have enrolled over 1.6 million refugees so far is a testimony of IrisGuard leadership, competencies and innovative technology. We are sincerely grateful to have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of refugees at these difficult times. .” – Commented Mr. Malhas, CEO of IrisGuard Inc.

Today, many other international relief agencies and NGO’s recognized the independent audited EyeBank® iris registrar as an identity linchpin for additional fundamental services and are hopeful they will be able to take advantage of this so that they too can scrupulously provide subsidies to the refugee populations they serve in a truly trusted manner.

About IrisGuard Inc.

Established in 2001, IrisGuard is a leading provider of IT Banking, Homeland Security and Humanitarian Relief iris comprehensive solutions, focused on managing human identity requirements. In addition to its patented EyeGuard®, EyeBank® identity applications, IrisGuard manufactures the world’s most accurate Iris Recognition camera systems.

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