Sirius Integrator announces the 1295w Propane & Natural Gas Smart Automatic battery Charger

Sirius Integrator announces the 1295w Propane & Natural Gas Smart Automatic battery Charger

For Immediate Release:

Groton, MA - Sirius Integrator is announcing a new 1295w Propane & Natural Gas DC generator for resale in North America. This off-grid generator uses locally available propane or natural gas fuel, turns 'on and off' based on the battery bank voltage, has an electric intelligent programmable starter, and includes an outdoor ready weatherproof IP56 enclosure. The system comes as either a 12v (120amp) or 24v (45amp) model and features an air cooled Subaru engine. Since the system delivers such high DC amps to the battery bank, fuel is used efficiently and battery banks get charged quickly with less run-time.

The system is very useful in remote off-grid locations, as backup or primary dc power, with or without solar hybrid system components. It will save you money by reducing remote ‘site visits’, will ensure reliable DC power to reduce data loss, and provide a low cost way to keep systems running for hundreds of days unattended. In locations where solar panels can not always produce enough power or they just get covered with snow, this generator backs up your solar configuration. This battery charger keeps ‘mission and data critical’ industrial application devices such as surveillance systems, sodar/lidar, sensors, traffic signage, detectors, pumps, compressors, communications & telecom, signaling, and many more running automatically in the harshest environments. The system also could provide backup to solar power at a cabin or grid backup power for times with the grid fails and systems must continue to operate without interruption. Stop using over sized diesel generators for smaller remote off-grid loads.


- Starting at under $ 4,995 Price

- Locally available Propane or Natural Gas fuel

- Weatherproof outdoor ready IP56 enclosure

- Dimensions: 20”L x 20”W x 20”H, small portable 123lb system

- Propane: 5.7HP / 4.2kW @ 4000 RPM, Natural Gas: 5.0HP / 3.7kW @ 4000 RPM

  5 year engine warranty

- Propane: 0.31 gal/hr (1.32 lb/hr) @ 75% load
  Natural Gas: 0.36 gal/hr (30.07 cf/hr) @ 75% 

- cleaner operation and less frequent maintenance

- Automatic Start and Stops

- Low vibration & noise level: 100% Load:74dBa @ 7M, 50% Load: 64dBa @ 7M

- optional Hot climate and Cold weather environment packages

- Remote monitoring interface

Please visit our newly designed website at For more information about our new offerings, go to and call Emily Merlino at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions at 855-747-4874 (855-SIRIUSI).


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