Kryptos Security Tip – Protect Your Online Security with Accented Vowels

Kryptos Security Tip – Protect Your Online Security with Accented Vowels

Orlando, FL – October 30, 2014 – Kryptos Communications, Inc., announced today that the Company’s voice encryption App Kryptos has been downloaded by users in 118 countries worldwide.


Kryptos would like to suggest that you make your online passwords for your email, banking, social networks and other important online activities more secure by using accented vowels within the password.  Adding an accented vowel such as Ê, Ÿ or ê will greatly increase your security from hackers and others intent on gaining access to your online accounts and information.


From a computer keyboard, there are short-cut codes that enable a user to easily create the accented vowels.  A user must hold down the Alt key while typing a 4 digit codes. For instance to type À, a user merely holds down the Alt key and types 0192 into the number keypad. In order to type Ÿ, a user holds down the Alt key and 0159 into the number keypad. From most mobile phones and tablets, a user must hold down the standard vowel key until a pop-up appears that shows the various accents available and then the user would select the accented vowel that is desired.


Add an accented vowel to your password and greatly increase your overall security for all your accounts and data.  A great resource to bookmark for a list of accented vowels and special characters is the website


Kryptos provides users of iPhones, iPads, Android enabled mobile phones and tablets with an affordable, easy to install, easy to use secure voice communications App.  Kryptos provides the average person access to an affordable means of having a conversation that is totally secure from both hackers and electronic eavesdropping surveillance.


Kryptos utilizes 256 bit AES military grade encryption to provide secure, encrypted voice communications between users of iPhones, iPads, Android mobile phones and tablets as well as Blackberry smart phones.  Kryptos is a secure, encrypted Voice Over IP (VoIP) application that provides secure, encrypted VoIP connectivity for secure calling over several networks including 3G, 4G and WiFi.


Kryptos is available in your favorite App store and can be used on the following devices:

Apple’s iOS platform mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Android enabled smart phones and tablets
Blackberry (RIM) smart phones


About Kryptos Communications, Inc.

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